Post Reply XBOX ONE app. Please tell me somebody is working on upgrading it.
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Posted 4/22/17 , edited 4/23/17
I've used the XBOX 360 app and while that one isn't great it's better than what we have on the XBOX ONE. How did we go to having less features and somebody signing off on it? I thought "Hey it's a new console and they'll probably get around to updating it soon" Nope.

We should be able to search by Genre

Organize and remove shows from our queue

Have a rating system and be able to sort by rating

Have suggestions "You liked (this) so you may enjoy (this), (this), (this)

See a calendar and browse advertisements for upcoming anime for new seasons or new anime we may enjoy.

Read the manga that's part of our service

And link with other friends that use the app and be able to suggest shows to them

Please tell me somebody is working on this?
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