kara no kyoukai: The Garden Of Sinners
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Posted 4/24/17 , edited 4/24/17

Just recently finished all 7 of the Films/OVA's, and I must say, not only did Ufotable do an immaculate job in the visuals (every movie was twice the quality of Their other, more famous venture- The Fate/Zero/Stay series), but also the anime had one of the strongest and most experimental narrative set ups I've ever seen in Anime.

If anyone has heard of "The Garden Of Sinners", then you probably are aware of the fact that the episodes are intentionally aired in non-chronological order- that is, the first film you watch is actually farther into the story than the second film you watch. By the 5th film and onward, the films follow the chronological order of the story, and the payoff by that point is just brilliant and extremely eye opening.

By airing the story non chronologically, the mystery and origin of both the characters and heir motivations becomes surreally captivating. I went from film to film (some as short as 50 minutes, while others where closer to the 2 hour mark) in record speed. At first I felt like I had been dropped in the middle of a drama and I had missed the most important parts, and they sort of disorientation was exactly what made me so hungry for answers.

If you haven't experienced kara no kyoukai, you are definitely missing out on an amazing production that you Will never forget.

If anyone has FINISHED the series, what were your thoughts on it, and what is your favorite production from Ufotable? I recently saw their production of Tales of Zesteria, and that was also just
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