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Not sure if this is exactly the right place for this, but since Fate is an anime/visual novel series of sorts I think it fits here. As the title suggests this thread is for making custom servants ala Fate/Stay Night Fate/Zero and what have you from various fictional properties. I'll credit the idea for this thread to a similar one about historical servants that cropped up ages ago. For the purposes of this thread choose any sort of fiction you want and make any servant you think looks interesting. Feel free to use the template I set up if you want. Otherwise have fun. Look forward to reading your responses


Name: Artorias the Abysswalker
Home: Lordran
Alignment: Lawful Good
Catalyst: Wolf's Blade Swordgrass, the Covnenant of Artorias
Alternate Class(es): Rider, Berserker

One of the four knights of the Gwyn, the Lord of Sunlight. Distinguished for his exploits against the Archdragons in the Age of Ancients, Artorias is better known for the stories of his later life. A true and noble knight, he is known for winning the companionship of a grey Greatwolf known as Sif who was ever at his side, and for his affinity with Lord's Blade Ciaran, another of the Four Knights. However he is most known for his vanquishing of the Four Kings of New Londo and their legion Darkwraiths following their corruption by the Abyss. Forging a covenant with the primordial serpent Kaathe, Artorias took to the streets of New Londo and beat back the Darkwraiths, sealing the Four Kings in the depths of the Abyss. For this he was lauded evermore as the Abysswalker. Later, when the Age of Fire had begun to wane, Artorias set out to contain another outbreak of the Abyss, this time in Oolacile as the gods fled dwindling Anor Londo in ever greater numbers. The legends told by Elizabeth of the Sanctuary Garden hold that Artorias repulsed the Abyss as he had before in New Londo, but lost his life in valiant combat...

...In truth Artorias was bested by the primordial human Manus, whose unearthing had awoken the slumbering darkness of the inhabitants of Oolacile, warping them into monsters. Having not a murmur of darkness himself Artorias was helpless against the ceaseless tides of the abyss, becoming ever more stained the further he descended. His arm broken and his soul tainted by raw humanity, Artorias retreated, leaving his greatshield to ward his trusted companion Sif. Knowing his mind would soon be lost he wandered alone into the legions of Abyssal horrors, killing as many as he could before finally losing himself entirely. He was slain by a hero from a time far distant, who would eventually slay Manus in his stead. To preserve the Abysswalker's dignity and honor, this unknown hero's deeds were posthumously accredited to him. The example of Artorias would later inspire the Abyss Watchers, an Undead Legion dedicated to fighting the Abyss wherever it emerged, as Artorias once had

Strength: A
Endurance: B
Agility: A
Mana: C
Luck: D
Noble Phantasm: A+

Class Skills
Magic Resistance: B
Cancel spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for him to be affected.
Riding: B
Can ride most vehicles with proficiency

Personal Skills
Divinity: B
One of the Four Knights of Gwyn, belonging to the legion of lesser gods that filled his legion of silver knights. While not revered as a member of the royal family, Artorias is nonetheless tied to holy Anor Londo and the legacy of the Soul of Sunlight.

Covenant of Artorias C
Grants Artorias protection from harmful environments and spells of a dark nature. To fight the darkwraiths of New Londo, Artorias forged a secret pact with the primordial serpent Darkstalker Kaathe, gaining the ability to traverse the otherwise lethal Abyss freely. Yet the covenant affords no mental protection, and as a true hero of the gods, with nary a murmur of dark, Artorias' mind and soul are all too easily poisoned by the darkness of humanity

Curse of Manus A
Skill manifesting only when Artorias is summoned as a Berserker. Allows him to feed off the mana of those he kills by imbibing their souls and humanity as was custom of the gods, and practice of the Darkwraiths that Artorias once fought, before being driven into the Abyss himself. Stained by Manus, Father of the Abyss, Artorias now exudes his corrupting influence causing the humanity of those around him to run rampant if subject to prolonged exposure, warping them into abominations or even humanity sprites left too long alone. This effect is permanent so long as Artorias persists as a Berserker, subject to neither his nor his master's control.

Eye of the Mind(True): B
A heightened capacity for observation honed through experience. At this level it renders Artorias capable of calm analysis of battle conditions even when in danger and deduce an appropriate course of action after considering all possibilities to escape from a predicament. So long there is even a 1% chance of a comeback, this ability greatly improves the chances of winning. Artorias was one of Gwyn's legendary knights, and to survive his exploits against the archdragons and the Abyss his combat prowess was polished to mirror sheen.

Noble Phantasms
Greatshield of Artorias: Ward of the Abysswalker-Rank C (Anti-Unit)
Artorias' greatshield, with which he battled the horrors of the Abyss. Affords its user strong protection against attacks and can be used to create a magical ward around Artorias or a target of his choosing sufficient to repel the horrors of the Abyss under Oolacile. Artorias sacrificed his greatshield, for his arm was broken and he could no longer bear it's burden. He left it with his trusted friend the Greatwolf Sif, to protect him from the horrors of the Abyss, and departed knowing he would soon succumb to his corruption and attack all in his madness

Sif-The Great Grey Wolf-Rank A (Anti-Army)
Artorias' legend tells of him befriending a young greatwolf known as Sif who would thereafter follow him in all of his travels. A fierce and noble compatriot, Sif acts not as a mount, but rather as a fellow in combat, fighting alongside Artorias as he once did in legend, making use of a duplicate of Artorias' own greatsword held in his mouth. However due to the strain of sustaining such a legendary creature, Sif must be summoned only rarely, and furthermore use of Consumed by the Dark seals his ability to be summoned altogether. Sif never forgot his cherished friend and companion, and following his death whiled away the centuries protecting his master's grave in Darkroot Garden from all who would come seeking desecration.

Greatsword of Artorias-The Cursed Bane of the Four Kings-Rank A+ (Anti-Unit)
the Legendary Greatsword of Artorias the Abysswalker, used to fight the Four Kings of New Londo and their legion darkwraiths. The sword is a holy thing, drawing on it's users faith as well as his strength to enhance it's own blows. Mighty enough on it's own, the sword was cursed by it's use in New Londo, and has the ability to harm even insubstantial specters such as the ghosts that haunt the flooded city.

Consumed by the Dark-The Blight of Oolacile-Rank A (Anti-Army)
Artorias was consumed by the dark during his time in Oolacile, becoming warped by the very horrors he pledged to fight. This Noble Phantasm symbolizes his corruption at the hands of Manus Father of the Abyss and summons him in the state he was after his defeat. Available only when summoned as a Berserker, it increases all of Artorias' statistics by one rank, and boosts his mana to EX as he has become glutted with the dark souls of primeval humanity. With this noble phantasm active he is capable of sustaining himself for a great period of time independent of his master. However this comes at the cost of diminishing Artorias' state considerably. For however powerful his madness has significantly deteriorated his dauntless kill, and this noble phantasm seals the use of Greatshield of Artorias and lowers the rank of Greatsword of Artorias to rank B, as Artorias is forced to wield it in his offhand. Worse still Artorias now exudes an aura of unbridled humanity, sufficient to drive the darkness of humanity around him wild. Left unchecked Artorias' mere presence will cause an outbreak of the abyss, mutating any nearby humans into abominations as the darkness in their souls runs rampant and poisons the land.
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