Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III
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Posted 4/24/17 , edited 4/24/17

April 27th Release

Anybody else hyped for this!?
Looks like a good fusion of the first two games, with the game going back to the bigger scale (ie more units and larger squads) + base building. Hopefully The Last Stand will make a comeback as well.

Kinda disappointed in the fact that they decided to go with 3 (instead of 4) factions this time, especially given that the first expansion will likely Chaos (I'm surprised Chaos Marines didn't happen since they are pretty much similar to SM) and/or Astra Militarum given how popular those two factions are. But I'm also hopeful for a "Dark Crusade" expansion.
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Posted 4/27/17 , edited 4/27/17
I'm also following this game but will wait till the hype dies down a little and all the bugs(that are always in a release) have been fixed.
then i'll go get it and play it to my hearts content.
For now i have other games to keep me busy
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