Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? LN 8 discussion spoilers...
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Wow were can I go about this novel but great. It is all about romance, with the war with Rakia(sp?) as a minor sub plot.

I love how mikoto gets jealous and smashes cake in Takemikazuchi's face, while the gods and goddesses cheer for her. Then later he has a conversation with Miach, which results in them saying he doesn't know what he did wrong, and the girls of the miach familia bang their heads of the counter cause of how dense they are. Then we get to lily's romance chapter, which I find touching. She could have married Flynn(Finn?) and had the easy life. but to her even if she isn't the only person in bell's heart she wants to always be by his side. Then there is the she is older then bell comment which throws him throw a look and blushes a lot. Welf's chapter was interesting only really near the end, with his confrontations with his father and grandfather, showing he can make magic swords far stronger then even his ancestors. But he doesn't want to do that. he wants to become a great smith forging regular weapons/armor. It was cute when he confessed to hephaistos even seeing what she truly looked like he still loved her. Later on in her forge she is acting like a teenager in love, does no work, and keeps talking about welfs confession over and over.

Then we go to Syr's chapter the only things that really stood out to me was near the middle where syr lets the kid lift up her skirt so bell sees her panties. Knowing full well bell can't lie. all so she can have bell in debt to her. Just to get a lap pillow from him. It was also sweet how she talked about her past to him,and how deeply in love she is with him.Although I do like the tidbit in the beginning where bell stopped going to get syr's lunches, this made the workers from the bar go to his home nd plead for him to take her lunches again. Then we go to Eina's chapter which gave us background information about the guild workers, their love life, love life with adventurers, and how to deal with them I thought this chapter had good character depth for Eina, and the guild members, even if she tries to deny it, Eina is in love with bell, but doesn't mind keeping the current relationship

Then we get to Hestia's or should I say Bell's chapter. We see the Haruhime is in love with him, and hestia is possessive trying to keep bell from other females. it was funny when hestia denied all relationships and mikoto had tears in her eyes until lily goads hestia, revealing if she goes with that rule she won't be able to be a couple with bell. this shocks hestia and immediately says that relationships with deities are allowed with some exceptions (freya) with finally gets mikoto to smile and welf to say something about him hephaistos being a couple. She then asks bell if a diety loved him like a woman loves a man would he become a couple with her. He says no and gives good reasons why dieties should be revered . she crys and runs away and ends up getting kidnapped by Ares. This is where it really gets good because it is the start of huge character development. near the end of the chapter it is very touching. Kam has a heart to heart chat with bell.Then shortly after he dances with hestia, then goes to dance with aiz but hestia dances with her instead. Then kams final moments and the true reason why bell acts dense when is comes to female relationships and hestia's feelings for him. Really is sad. He doesn't want to leave a deep scar in their hearts especially a deity. He can feel other peoples pain that they have felt. Hence the reason he forgave lily for what did, and what others have done to wrong him. it really is touching.

I really liked this volume? how about you? tell me what your thoughts were on this volume.
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I can't wait for volume 9...
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