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USA, Mexico, and Canada agree to renegotiate NAFTA
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Posted 4/27/17 , edited 4/28/17

runec wrote:

karatecowboy wrote:
Yeah, that whole racism thing is slander.

We're still talking about the guy that said "some, I assume, are good people", "total and complete shut down", accused a Federal judge of bias because he had Mexican heritage, has been sued by the DoJ for discrimination against black people ( twice ), fined by the NJ Casino Commission for discriminating against black people, has numerous allegations of racist things shit he's said and done about black people and Jewish people ( which he confirmed was "probably true" in an interview but then 2 years later changed his mind in another interview because he was considering a nomination for the Reform party ), who is *still* after the Central Park 5, who has said things like "well educated black", "my African American" and "They don’t look like Indians to me", who mocked Chinese and Japanese businessmen with broken English, who chased the Birther shit for years and who implied Obama only got into an Ivy league school because of affirmative action-

<deep breath>

-is totally not racist in any way shape or form?

Your use of facts are slander. Expect a sternly worded court summons in the near future.
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