Can't update my billing information
Posted 4/29/17 , edited 4/29/17
Just received an E-mail saying that my billing information is wrong. I already know this but I can't get into my billing settings to change the information. All i get is an error page and that is it. I've now been switched to a free account so I would like to get this sorted asap. If anyone on here knows whats going on I'd be grateful.

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Posted 4/29/17
I have no Idea. Just like I have no Idea why I'm being forced to switch to a credit card instead of my account with advantage card (Visa BTW) even though it still continued to take money out when My accounts were switched over, now it decides to hit a wall Oh and don't worry, my Master card is getting Switch to Visa as well, Why?

How many Visas ya want?

When I do decide to watch something again, I wonder what it will be like. I mean, it could be a number of reasons why, but When I see Visa on something, I assume its Visa so I use it.

I mean Credit cards do the same thing, But it actually takes longer for me to receive my statement, Or is it receive money now, and pay later, instead of paying now.

If I cant Ship from the store with two valid credit cards..... I'm sure it will go smooth

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Posted 5/3/17
Looks like OP nuked, so I'll go ahead and close this... I know I had some issues with my billing a while back, but I just contacted support like it suggests in this section and got that cleared up rather quickly. I was on an older plan via Paypal, and apparently some of the internals had changed or something between the services (they didn't go into details, nor did I need them to). No big deal, they took care of it pretty quickly.
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