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Post Reply Here are some reasons as to why some people don't read as much.
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Posted 5/24/17
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Posted 5/25/17

Flying_Sea_Turtle wrote:

1. If you're bored reading, try reading something that's not.

3. If you have time to stand in a line for something or anything, you got time to read.

4. Fuck laziness when reading comes to it. Some of the laziest people read books.

5. If its' terrible, try something else.

6. You must be reading the wrong stuff not to be entertained.

7. Do you have to visualize it?

8. Go for it if that is what you like. If you have to, grab a Manga or comic.

9. School sucks the life out of everything at one point or time. You can't let if ruin the rest of your life.

10. What are you going to do when you're stuck out camping where there's no electricity?

11. It's not for everyone.

1. sometimes everything is boring the only things i can read are visual novels
3. Not everyone has time to stand in lines...
4. I used to love books but never read them as i was too lazy it's a thing
5. 99% of books i have ever read were "Terrible" since they were all boring most writers don't write anything interesting such as scientific based paradox books focusing on recent developments in technology and fictional developments mixing in with a diverse cast most writers don't do that and those who do generally fuck it up books are expensive so... fear of terrible is just why waste the money?
6. Again as above and #1 nothing entertains me when it's just text alone that's over generalising you are doing
7. Yes for some of us
10. sleep and run around or do what i do when there is no electricity do nothing just sit there and conserve energy it's less boring then reading
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Posted 5/25/17
As a group people are probably reading far more than at any other time in history.

But just not books...

Social media updates, tweets, forum posts, sub titles, SMS messages, online media articles, comments...
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Posted 5/25/17 , edited 5/25/17
Book reading is overrated and dying, just like tv. It's an outdated medium that is being replaced by something that gives us much greater access to read whatever we want, as well as even WRITE our own stories without the publication press denying it because it's too shit to make money.

IDK about you, but more freedom of choice, much greater affordability, less liability. (because accidentally losing or ruining books is a thing. Just ask my backpack in a rainstorm), and more diverse options on how you want it presented tends to utterly destroy the competition.

The only books I have anymore are non fiction books with USEFUL information, (like a cookbook, a field guide on native insects, plants and animals, and a highly detailed map of my state. No non fiction books on subjects of controversy, or about inapplicable subjects to the general public, such as fracking. Ya, like reading it will help with what again?) and manga. And only because having an entire collection from 1-whatever feels good man. I still read some online occasionally anyway.

just like master card, for everything else, there is the internet. It's seriously more useful the an entire encyclopedia. To prove it, here is a link about how to cook a rabbit. Something I've always wanted to try, especially with them being so close to my grandparent's garden.
Warning, viewer discretion is advised, it has guts and murdering of fluffy animals. But it only took me 3 seconds and less then a penny to look that up, and save it on my computer. And if you have a smart phone, you could look this stuff up at ANY time, as long as you got power and internet connection.

If you really are out in the boonies, I would recommend books for those 2 reasons however. Not as convenient in size or time. nor as wide of coverage of topics, but they sure as hell are more reliable when you DO need them. It's why I carry around the books I do have, as backup for when the internet will fail me.
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