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Posted 4/30/17 , edited 4/30/17
So I finally decided to download HotS to get Oni Genji and soon Police Dva, and i discovered that HotS actually isnt as bad as i anticipated it to be. Sure it's nothing like a normal MOBA, but it's nothing like a normal MOBA!

It's more simplified and therefore feels more accessible to someone like me who hated the complicated nature of MOBAs. They completely dump the stupid shop system and replace upgrade trees with just straight character upgrades, which saves time and headaches trying to figure out what the different skills do. Plus they give you a whole ton of free characters to play each week, (which is how i discovered that Leoric is mah boy) so you really dont even have to pay for anything unless you want a certain character. Plus they've got a mount system so you're not just walking everywhere, in case you need to get to an objective faster.

Only complaints I have is that 1. You can't zoom out the camera, and 2. the only map I could play while facing AI was the tutorial map, which quickly got boring. Otherwise, I would highly recommend more people play a few games of HotS, even if it's just for the free overwatch gear
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