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Posted 5/8/17 , edited 5/8/17
It was great to finally read volume 4 of Nanbaka!

However, a little bit more communication would be nice. Some titles haven't had updates in ages and no one seems to know
or want to say if they ended or not. Can't you just mark a title as complete when you know it's finished?

Also, what's up with the publication order of Father & Son? I know it's the sort of slice of life that doesn't have a very strict order but there are still some small progressions that are even more difficult to spot when the chapters are updated out of order.

Last but not least, like most of the others said, it would be nice to get more new titles. I used to have the premium+ plan because it covered for Manga. I'd be willing to upgrade again if it meant getting a digital library card for a whole bunch of new and older Manga. I mean some titles have gone out of print and are getting increasingly hard to find. Finding them here would be awesome. As for the new titles, you're already taking back ground from illegal streaming sites, you could definitely gain something over scanlation sites if you added more titles and had more frequent updates.
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