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Posted 5/2/17
I recently signed up for a year of Crunchyroll. So far it's been very enjoyable, but some of the interface interactions need fixing. Here's a list by platform:

Website (Chrome version 56 on Xubuntu 16.04)

- On "My Queue", when a series' box is extended with the list of episodes and an episode is hovered the modal box appears. Unfortunately it doesn't correctly detect when the modal is no longer hovered when the mouse is quickly moved up or down to another series and never disappears. Making it impossible to select the adjacent episode or the arrow to see more episodes. The conventional solution is to either have the modal disappear when the mouse leaves or when the mouse clicks outside of the modal.

I took a quick look at your page source and found this problem:

$(document.body).on("mouseleave", ".hover-bubble", function() {

What's happening here is that it has to search for ".hover-bubble" every time "document.body" detects a "mouseleave" event. It's somewhat unreliable. Instead it fires more reliably when the event is added to the individual DOM elements:

$('.hover-bubble').mouseleave(function() { closeHoverBubble(this) });

Though because the episode thumbnails are loaded dynamically it would be necessary to add the event to each element every time they are loaded. A straightforward fix would be to use namespaced events in the following way after the episode thumbnails are loaded (haven't tested this, but is the general idea):

function episodeThumbnailsLoaded() {
.on('mouseleave.hoverbubble', function() { closeHoverBubble(this) });

- From "My Queue" please add a button next to "Show Information" that has a modal box of the series description. Needing to visit the page every time is tedious.

- When watching an episode in the mode that removes tabs in a smaller window, have the next episode load the same way. That doesn't automatically happen at the moment.

- Please allow me to optionally remove the ads from the homepage now that I'm a premium subscriber.

Xbox One

- From "My Queue" allow me to read the series description.

- From "My Queue" allow me to remove a series.

- When viewing a list of results (e.g. Filter By Updated) please shift the list of episodes in blocks. Not individually. It induces motion sickness when scrolling quickly through. Optimally it would be a grid that would allow me to scan through series quickly.


- Display the air date for each episode

- (nit) Improve load times. By the looks of the results each request hits your template engine, but the contents don't depend on the user's credentials. e.g.

curl ""

If this is the case then couldn't the content be shoved into a CDN?
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