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Post Reply Ridiculous that i'm paying to use this site
Posted 5/2/17

This article goes into some details explaining what is going on with CR.
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Posted 5/2/17 , edited 5/2/17

HowToPlay wrote:

It really is ridiculous that i'm paying to use this site, yet on days like Saturday it's barely usable and even when it isn't Saturday i have issues. I'll be watching my video when it suddenly resets back to 0:00 and this is happening so often today it peeved me off enough to make a post.

The icing of the cake so to speak is that I can go to a free anime site and have none of these problems and have a wider variety of anime. How do I know this? I've been using the free site for ages before going to crunchy roll.

I've moved this to the "Suggestions / Feedback" forum. As has been indicated, Crunchyroll is working to fix the issues that are coming up during high traffic times.

One workaround until the issues are fully resolved is to use their sister site, There are some downsides (including lack of a queue you can reorder -- but there is a watchlist, and it does a reasonably good job of keeping track of what episode you last watched), but I've used it successfully as a "backup' when Crunchy is giving me trouble. You can even link your Crunchyroll account so that if you have premium on Crunchy, it will automatically upgrade you to premium on VRV (it can take a few hours for the link to recognize you as premium though, so if you think you'd like to try this, plan ahead). (Note -- linking only has the effect of giving you premium for both if you already have premium for either VRV or Crunchyroll; your CR queue and watch history remains completely separate from VRV's watchlist and watch history.)
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