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fighting do you... how ?
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Posted 2/15/08 , edited 2/15/08

BigPeters wrote:

Fighting = ignorance

brawns over brains
but if someone steal my meat.. I will go prehistoric on their ass.

lol what you just said Fighting=ignorance and brawn over brains can be true. However, what you are talking about is called a "brawl". Meaning 2 or more people get really pissed and just want to knock each other out. However, a real fight can be intimidating for it is a battle of the mind. What I mean by this, is that whoever can read the other person's moves first literally comes out victorious. A "brawl" may just knock out someone unconcious and leave him/her with a couple of bruises. However, depending on what type of fight it is, the damage can very from numbness to fatal injuries (even death).

A fight can also mean "spar", a term used by 2 or more people to excercise on each other different applications learned. To spar you can even have a good friend who also learned a certain type of style and both users may discuss the limit on where not to do and so forth. If one is lucky, one can learn new techniques or moves taught by the opponent.

In conclusion, fighting is not always caused by arguements from two different groups, it can also be seen as a type of excercise used by 2 or more friends who just want to have fun, and possibly learn something from it.
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