Red Ash anime finally released...3 days ago?
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Posted 5/6/17 , edited 5/7/17

In case you forgot or dont know about Red Ash I'll bring you up to speed, it was part of 2 kickstarters (one for an anime and the other for a game) by Comcept and Studio 4C in an attempt to create not-Megaman Legends. Though the anime one for an OVA succeeded, the game KS failed by launching even though MN9 still had no release date (around July 2015). Anyways, after a year and months of radio silence, it finally launched 3 days ago on Animax.

Is this a common occurrence for companies to do? Because I cant find any news on either Comcept's or Studio 4C's social media pages and its baffling why, not even the Kickstarter didnt have any information on this.
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Posted 5/6/17 , edited 5/6/17
You might try popping this question to Justin Sevakis via ANSWERMAN over on ANN (Anime News Network). He seems quite knowledgeable about wonky things re anime.
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