Post Reply First Time AMV- Thoughts and possible edits?
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Posted 5/6/17
Hey everyone! This was my first attempt at an AMV. With my finals week approaching as well as graduation, I wanted to get this off my bucket list of things before I enter "the real world"! I had alot of fun with this project and wanted to capture that feeling of a Hollywood action movie. I feel Black Lagoon can easily capture that idea with all of its action and violence. Hope you guys enjoy it and any feedback would be great!
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Posted 5/8/17
The initial audio is a little too soft, with the music in the background was barely audible until it came to the foreground. The breaks for the titlecards broke up the flow of the song, as did the audio throughout. Nothing really meshes well, leaving it feeling overly long for a trailer. I'd recommend only popping in audio clips when it compliments the music you go with, and making sure everything blends together. The music and clips should be telling a good 80-90% of the story.
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