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Post Reply Harvard To Hold Blacks-Only Graduation Ceremony
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Posted 5/11/17 , edited 5/11/17

BlueOni wrote:

Knowing this, Black members of the class of 2017 decided to form an individual ceremony.

In other words, Harvard (the institution) is not holding a blacks-only graduation ceremony. Some black members of its 2017 graduating class have, on their own initiative, decided to do so. In fact, having dug deeper into the matter Harvard isn't even funding the ceremony. The students had to raise the money on their own.

It's not my business if a bunch of black students decide to hold what effectively amounts to a private graduation party on their own dime, with their own planning, on their own time even if I don't see the point.


I'm not holding a Klan barbecue in my back yard. I just happen to own the yard where they're gathering. They're paying me for use of the space. They're bringing their own food and beverages, chairs, tables. They're paying for the video projector and screen and flying in the white supremacist, anti-Catholic speaker. This all says absolutely nothing about my values or character. My willingness to facilitate this says nothing about me as a person.
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Posted 5/12/17
Seriously? What the hell? There has been so much chaos because of racist cops and now this? The world wants society to be racist. and yes if whites did this then it would have been hell. Forget that, yes there is still racism in the world but think about other countries where some genders or nationalities don't even have the rights Americans do. Stop whining over stupid crap because you can choose what you want to be in your life.
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Posted 5/12/17

TarNaru33 wrote:

hurtuoc wrote:

Honestly lots black people in the US feel way too entitled nowadays. Some are even more privileged than the white people they call privileged. Also I say LOTS not all, what I'm saying already is pretty bad but not trying to say ALL black people.

Except this isn't even remotely true. Part of the reason is because people like you that do not know what they are talking about, trying to spew incorrect garbage. Unless incredibly famous, rich Blacks are also discriminated against, which shows that even climbing the economic ladder is not enough to appease racist people. Sorry to say, but if you are in this thread saying things like the guy that posted this, then you are flat out being racist based on your idiotic beliefs or straight out ignorance.

I read the OP link and unfortunately, it gives no good amount of detail on the group that is hosting this. There is a difference between creating a ceremony based on bringing your race into it and excluding other races from participating in said ceremony. Because there is no information on this, I can not come to a conclusion on what they are doing and just so you all are aware, there are plenty of white groups that do and have done the same thing and many universities with the stature of Harvard (which tend to be liberal leaning) are not going to stand for it knowing systemic racism exist.

You all do come across as racist or just plain idiotic when you don't even try to understand what people mean when they say "racism". Anyone and everyone can be racist, but only a "ruling party" can actual commit institutional racism and that is where the harm of racism comes from. It isn't majority vs minority, it is those in power vs those that aren't. Examples being Iraq during Saddam and even Syria where the minority controlled government and discriminated against the majority.

Personally, I wouldn't give a care that some random Asian is racist other than the fact at keeping that racist in line and doesn't act on said racism to discriminate. I do, however, care when that random Asian is in power and a startlingly high percentage of them are racist. It means they can control discrimination and be the judge, jury, and executioner on those that commit racist crimes, which tends to mean they will back their own race (police in U.S anyone?) and let them go with light sentences or even entirely despite overwhelming evidence.

You all can keep trying to dismiss it, but U.S is still a very racist nation, it hasn't been that long ago since slavery or segregation, to act like it has disappeared is silly and to act like Whites are somehow disadvantaged now is incredibly stupid when they hold the majority of the power from local police to the highest offices. They blame job losses on immigrants (a very racist belief) when most of the job losses is easily attributed to technological advancement for example, people like this is very easy to manipulate with racially charged motivation for ignorant beliefs.

You all can carry on with your ignorance now though.

PeripheralVisionary wrote:

If you are going to Harvard, you are likely a success story already. It makes the whole thing seem ridiculous when one has already had the means to pay for it in the first place, and various other circumstances that plague most of the black community but not them for the most part.

Just want to let you know that, that isn't how Harvard or even many of the Ivy League universities work. Many of the people who go there are not financially successful, they are academically successful and they are given even more attention when they manage to do so against all the odds and have a strong portfolio. That is because these colleges make most of their money from the government and Alumni donations.

Felt like I needed to tell you this, so you don't get the false idea that everyone going there (especially minorities) are financially well off and have not experienced the same amount issues those in poverty face.

That same guy just said that rich Blacks got to where they are by working on themselves while those that claim racism exist are on welfare. That ignores the high amount of rich and famous Blacks that have told the public about their fight with racism. Just because some is able to climb that mountain does not mean all could or should.

My last paragraph isn't directed at you so much.

I am not saying everyone is financially well off, I said it matters a great deal for many of its students, black or white, and even with the general distaff between poverty levels, I doubt that most of the black students there suffer from this. One of the harder truths is the realization that even with spectacular grades, the financial means to fund it does matter to many colleges, especially the more prestigious ones. In any case, Alumni donations go under the legacy criteria, and those people who could send money are probably wealthy enough to continue the cycle, lest they stop giving when their sons and daughters are refused.

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