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Posted 5/8/17
General election 2017: Labour proposes junk food ad ban

Adverts for junk food and sweets would be banned from all TV shows broadcast before the 21:00 watershed under Labour plans to tackle childhood obesity.

The party says the proposal forms part of a future child health bill that will be outlined in its election manifesto.
Products high in fat, salt or sugar are currently banned from being advertised during children's TV only.
The Tories said they had the world's "most ambitious" child obesity plan that would be put at risk by Labour.

According to Labour, introducing a ban on pre-watershed junk food promotions would reduce children's viewing of such adverts by 82%.

It says the move would affect programmes including The X Factor, Hollyoaks and Britain's Got Talent, shows campaigners say are popular with children but not specifically aimed at them.

Does anyone agree with this? I personally feel as it's not the government's place to restrict this kind of stuff. If a person becomes "obese" then surely that's up to the individual.
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Posted 5/8/17 , edited 5/8/17
Well, the whole point of advertising anything during a kids TV show is to get the kids to pester their parents to buy it for them.

For the child if it's out of sight it's out of mind, which is why only a fool takes their kid down the toy aisle with no intention of purchasing a toy for the little brat.

So yes their is a measure of personal responsibility involved and a government can't ever replace that.

On the flip side the whole point of laws is to regulate behavior to be socially acceptable. A junk food company will advertise to little kids to get sales because they love money and don't care if you get fat or not stuffing your face with their product because they get money as a result.

So, do you think its socially acceptable to allow companies to manipulate little children to stuff their faces with junk food so those companies can line their pockets with more money?
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Posted 5/8/17
How advertising going to make a difference? It's the parenting which has the influence. You know how common it is now to give a child sweets or pastry of some sort to comfort them. Take-aways are all over the place with a kids menu now.
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Posted 5/8/17
I think this type of ban is similar to previous advertising bans on things like cigarettes and alcohol. They can't be advertised during children's programming as these are things that are clearly unhealthy (specifically for children) and kids are easy to manipulate and don't always understand the full breadth of their actions. Just like a kid might not understand that smoking may lead to a lifelong addiction and an early death, they might also not understand that stuffing their face with junk food can lead to lifelong health problems and an early death.

I see no real issue with this type of ban under the assumption that it actually works.

Actually, can anyone spell out what actual "costs" there would be to this type of ban?
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