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For Nearly 20 Years the Nuclear Launch Code at all Minuteman Silos in the United States Was 00000000
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Posted 5/11/17 , edited 5/11/17
Nice try America, but Spaceballs already did that joke 30 years ago:
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The White House
Posted 5/11/17 , edited 5/12/17

Lance_Clemings wrote:

Rujikin wrote:

PeripheralVisionary wrote:

It seems pretty smart. Have you ever tried entering a bunch of numbers, on top of multiples of the same one? I mean, 3000000 can be summarized as 3 million, but what about 000000000? 0 million? And you'd have to think "Who the heck would use THAT as a password?"

Actually a lot of people think that same way and hackers know it and have proof of it:

Clicked the link, press Ctl-F, typed in the code, number 794th most common password. Basically, it's a bad password.

Decided to be a smartass, typed in my password, did not show up at all.

Funnilly enough, fuckyou is the 31st most common password. I remember using that one once. My runescape account then got hacked. :P

Edit: taking a look though the list, this password list seems to summarize humanity fairly well, in a funny way.

6 differnet passwords with fuck, several 1970's, Naruto of all things, and lets not forget about cats!

stargate, porno, boobs, hawaii, poohbear, vampire, cock, metallica, hentai, pokemon. The list is funny. All of these things actually have something in common. XD

Also for you sick bastards: loli, ecchi, oppai, weeb, Rem, and oddly enough, Goku are all NOT part of the top 1000. Still would NOT recommend using them as passwords, especially on this site.

Most passwords are pop culture references

You have to go a little higher for those:

1248: lolita
3459: goku
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Its so obvious no one would have got it.
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I guess its time for us to smarten up.. so number 0 to 5. Only use even numbers! So my password is now 0, 2, and 4. Damn I'm smart.. or odd numbers 1, 3 and 5.

Doh I just type it out!!!
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only archer fans would know this but: guest
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I would have sworn we already HAD this thread in here.

Anyhow, the launch codes are not, and never were, a bunch of zeros. What happened was that some bureaucratic pencilnecks told the Air Force to add a combination for each of the launch operators, on TOP of the existing security precautions, which already included a launch interlock code that NEITHER operator knew and which was only sent to them in an action message, and which included a two-person simultaneous key turn (which had to be retrieved from two separate safes, only one of which could each operator access), physical access control to the control silo with ground surveillance radar, motion sensors, an armed quick-reaction force and two MASSIVE vault doors preventing unauthorized persons from accessing the control silo, etc.

In other words, the procedure was already extremely secure, and the additional memorization of a long number combo accomplished absolutely nothing to make the process more secure, but *did* drastically reduce response time (meaning missiles might not have made it out of silos before the Russian first wave hit).

So the Air Force basically just ignored the directive for a few decades, because they knew the process was already plenty secure.
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