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Posted 5/17/17

MasterBismuth33 wrote:

Hobomilk wrote:

MasterBismuth33 wrote:

Of course its hilarious. Im the best around.

That's awesome. The best like Takumi?

Takumi is the greatest. Of course
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37 / M / Small Wooded town...
Posted 5/17/17
Small Wooded town in New York.
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Mar 2, 2007

anime Interests: anime like Touch, School Rumble, and No Game No Life.
Novel Interests: Fantasy, Reincarnation, Magic
Manga Interests: Anti-popular MC type slice of life like ' Angel Densetsu '
Food Interests: Cheese cake, Stuffed Shells.
Music Interests: Nightwish.


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22 / F / Arizona, US
Posted 5/17/17 , edited 5/17/17
1. 6 years. Dang man.
2. A friend recommended it.
3. Possibly any that I rate 10 stars and are my top 10.
4. Others are illegal streaming sites and the quality on here is top notch. Still waiting when they put more less popular anime and older anime on here.
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23 / M / Birmingham, UK
Posted 5/17/17
3 years
It's a good site and it beats watching crappy fansubs in 240p
Hulu and netflix but they're meh compared to crunchy
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21 / F / Germany
Posted 5/17/17
1. last week
2. boredom, to watch anime and to support it a little
3.Hunter x Hunter, still the best one
4. too many illegal sites to mention here
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M / Detroit, MI
Posted 5/17/17
-Made this account back in 2013, but never really got into anime as much back then until this year. Plus I'm pretty bored nowadays since I'm done with school. Come home from work and lay around mostly.

-One of my cures for boredom. Might as well come on and binge watch something rather from here or Netflix

-Binged watched quite a few, but recently really enjoyed watching My Hero Academia. Hardcore DB/Z/GT/Super fan (Vegeta is mah boi). Attack on Titan, Hunter x Hunter, Ushio and Tora, Fullmetal, Fairy Tail, and more.

-Mainly YouTube and Netflix, and the occasional illegal sites.
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Posted 5/17/17 , edited 5/17/17

supertonicguy wrote:
Who are you?

Who-who, who-who?

Explain yourself.

I'm afraid I can't explain myself, as I'm not quite myself today...
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Posted 5/19/17
5 years (without comercial 2, with 3)
Is a diferent media than movies or comics
Kill la Kill what with the threads.
Just the comercial
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47 / F / Villa Rica, GA
Posted 5/19/17
1. A year and a half ago
2. To watch anime as much as I want
3. To lazy to type them all too. I've watch tons.
4. I watched a free site before but it was bad at popups and will freeze my pages so I don't watch it anymore. I do watch some on Netflix too like InuYasha but they don't have the whole series sadly so I'm looking to buy the whole InuYasha series myself. sigh. And there is YouTube too. I don't bother with anything else because of money or possible virus attacks.
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