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Post Reply Is Attack on Titan technically a mecha show in disguise
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Posted 5/13/17

TheAngryLittleAlchemist wrote:

A lot of people say that AoT is inspired by FMA and NGE, which really makes sense

But I don't think that's enough to classify it "technically" as Mecha

Actually AoT is inspired by a mecha series but it is one most people haven't heard of, Muv-Luv.

For a taste of Muv-Luv, last year's show Schwarzesmarken was a spinoff of the ML franchise.
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Posted 5/14/17
My first instinct would be to say no. Then again there was that thing with Unit 01 and it's test pilot...
I guess you could say that if the EVA was mecha with organic components, then the Titans are fully organic fighting creatures with the
serious design flaw that the pilots lose control as a rule. When you look at it like that, they put me in mind of the God Warriors from Nausicaä...
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Posted 5/14/17 , edited 5/14/17
Considering that the vast majority of people aren't fighting in Mechas(Titans) I gotta say no.
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