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Posted 5/13/17 , edited 5/13/17
I love streaming services, and more importantly I love Crunchyroll. The opportunity it provides to view anime I otherwise wouldn't, given Amazon and Netflix's own limited collections is greatly appreciated.

The one issue I've had with each though is a playlist option. Queues and lists to mark what shows I'm watching are there of course. I'm talking about a playlist of episodes from different shows. I'm likely the minority, but I don't always enjoy binging my shows. I enjoy jumping around shows and genres. A playlist would allow me to set up multiple episodes from different shows easily.

This is even more important here than other streaming platforms. Crunchyroll's simulcasts and daily updates of seasonal programs would lend well to a system like this. Since I usually only get about one day (if that) to try and keep up, being able to set up these playlists would allow me the opportunity to watch more and browse less.

Bonus points if these playlists were accessible from the Xbox One or other systems, even if I had to set up the playlist on my laptop or phone.

Regardless I'm going to keep using Crunchyroll. I just wanted to provide a simple suggestion that may improve mine if not others' viewing experiences. Thanks for everything, keep up the good work.
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