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Posted 5/14/17 , edited 5/14/17
My name is Hazard. I go as Nobody online.
(This crunchy account is just super ancient.)

I have some of my art in these galleries:

I'm level 27. I have a bachelors degree in fine art.
I studied illustration and communication design.
The artform I am most skilled at is writing. I'm an author.
My work has been published locally, but not in mass yet.
I have been a design assistant in a marketing company.
I worked as a journalist on a newspaper for four years.
I am currently an office manager and event coordinator.
I program and teach art classes in the summer and winter.
I'm super lazy otherwise. My current comic is at a standstill.
I'm an assistant and student to a master leatherworker.
I've also had experience in printmaking and chainmaille.

Primarily I am a digital artist, although I am trained classically.
Traditionally I use watercolour, gouache, copic, or prismacolor.
I love moab and moleskin paper, and red and blue mech pencils.

I decided to learn to make visual art so I could illustrate my novels.
I have the greatest respect for literary artists, but I admire all others.
I have a soft spot for graffiti and poetry artists. I love detailed pixel art.
I feel my visual work can never compare to the wonders of photography.
Woodcarving interest me, but I am not physically well enough to do it.
There are so many amazing types of art out there. I love a lot of them.

Yo. Swag.
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Posted 5/19/17 , edited 5/19/17
You have an excellent eye for detail! Does that extend to your writing as well?
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Posted 5/19/17 , edited 5/20/17
Thank you! I love details! Unfortunately, yes, my writing can be like that, too. I've always been too verbose when it comes to the written word, even though I don't like to speak much aloud. The style of writing I much enjoy is like rich chocolate: so thick and layered with detail that you have to pause every few moments to let it sink in, and you can take your time enjoying it. When I write like that, it tends to turn readers away. Too much detail in your writing, getting wrapped up in the intricacies of perception, it suffocates the story. I constantly struggle with moderation.
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