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Posted 5/16/17
I have been trying to watch episode 7 of Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor on my PS4. All othe videos work but not this one video.

The video tries to load but then the error screen pops up: There was an unknown video player error. Please go back and try again.

What I have done:

I tried opening the video again, still errors
logout and back on, still errors
closing the application using the PS4 application manager then reopening and trying, still errors
deleting and reinstalling, still errors

I know for a fact its not my internet connection for two very good reasons, 1) other videos play just fine 2) I am my own ISP, I own and operate the company providing internet in my area. I would know if there was a problem.
The first reason is compelling enough, but being the ISP sure helps too. Its not a connection issue.

If I play the video on my laptop, it plays fine. Same with my tablet and s7 phone. This issue is only with PS4.
I have not tried on my PS3 as its not is use right now and I do not own (and will not own) a MS based console.
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