Fate Stay night style herioc spirits
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Posted 5/16/17 , edited 5/17/17
Hypothetical question.... having watched most of the available Fate series a random thought occurred to me... what if you were able to summon the spirits of not only famous historical figures... but also historical figures from all genre's of media....


So taking from any source... Anime, Manga, movie, book... who would you use for these classes.... I suppose I can provide the example of what inspired this... imagine fighting with the Berserker class spirit.... of say Darth Vader.... or hey... Saber class... Kenshin (interesting note.... depending on how you play it he is also a candidate for the Assassin class too)

Any source is valid... name your ideas

Posted 5/16/17 , edited 5/17/17
Uhm I think Palpatine could make an interesting caster.
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Posted 5/16/17 , edited 5/17/17
Leonidas as a Lancer, if that counts?
Posted 5/17/17 , edited 5/17/17
WWE's The Undertaker as Ruler/Avenger class, Tatsuya Shiba as Ruler Class, Xena as Saber Class, NXT's Asuka as Berserker Class, Ulquiorra as a Lancer Class, Mayumi Saegusa as a Caster Class, Naoto Shirogane as Archer Class, Makoto Nijima as Berserker Class, Shizuno from World Break as Caster Class, Ruby from RWBY as Saber Class, Piper Halliwell as a Caster Class, and many many more.
Posted 5/17/17 , edited 5/18/17
Hiei from yu yu hakusho as a Berserker.
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Posted 5/17/17 , edited 5/18/17
Saber: Genji
Archer: Hanzo
Rider: D.Va
Assassin: Widowmaker
Caster: Mercy
Lancer: Tracer
Berserker: Reinhardt
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Posted 5/17/17 , edited 5/18/17
Saber: Black Knight (from Monty Python)
Lancer: Ken Amada
Archer: Sterling Archer
Assassin: Chris Farley (Beverly Hills Ninja)
Caster: Megumin
Rider: Maou Sadou (Riding his Dullahan aka: single-speed bicycle)
Berserker: Major Armstrong

I tried to come up with a funny list. It was way harder then I thought it'd be and had the most issue with Lancer/Archer as well as trying to not just give up a Konosuba character for every slot.
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Posted 5/19/17 , edited 5/20/17
*L* Dunno... I don't think the Black Knight will work for Saber.... amusing thought though... sadly I am only really familiar with the seven classes from the various anime series, so the Ruler/Avenger class is largely unknown to me... and I don't really have a grip on the Shielder class from the Grand order OVA...

the best I could come up with was

Archer: Akagi (Kancolle) - not sold on this one
Saber: Aiz Wallenstein (Danmachi) - Iffy for me...
Lancer: Rei Ayanami (variant I see all the fan art of her with a human sized Lance of Longinus and I have reasons to go with her)
Caster: Tanya Degurachev (Saga of Tanya the Evil(granted I would go with more Brutally Pragmatic, but that's just me)
Rider: Celty Sturlson(sp) (Durarara.) - This one is also iffy for me...
Assassin: Kenshin Himura... I like the idea sorry
Berserker: Darth Vader, ((Hey it's what gave me the idea))
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Posted 5/20/17 , edited 5/20/17
Well, as I'm currently playing Fire Emblem Echoes, I'd have to say that the best Saber would probably be Saber.

Jokes aside, here's a list based on Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, because why not:

Saber - Eirika (Sieglinde)
Lancer - Ephraim (Siegmund)
Archer - Innes (Nidhogg)
Rider - Tana (Vidofnir)
Caster - L'Arachel (Latona)
Assassin - Joshua (Audhulma)
Berserker - Lyon (Naglfar, Gleipnir)

The parenthesis are what I'd guess would be their Noble Phantasms (based off the Sacred Twin weapons, hence the royal theme).
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