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Post Reply Antarctica may be approaching "unstoppable" collapse.
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Posted 5/21/17

Rujikin wrote:

octorockandroll wrote:

Rujikin wrote:

Most of that is caused by over population, pollution, depleting ground water because of over population, destroying the local environments because of too many people, and replacing everything with farms to feed too many people. Did I say too many people? When we destroy the local ecosystems and over stress them then of course there will be people leaving the destroyed environment.

Ah right your Canadian, well my people then. So were going to have another ecological collapse in 2040 and we our effects can't be stopped till 2060? Wouldn't we be best to focus on improving technology so much that we don't need combustion in the future than to kill the world economy to try and stop it? Causing mass poverty and unemployment along the way which would bring more wars and cause everyone to ignore such restrictions during the wars.

You say that as though curbing current emissions and developping cleaner technology are mutually exclusive. They're not. In fact a lot of the time they go hand in hand.

redokami wrote:

geauxtigers1989 wrote:

Rujikin wrote:

He also predicted that right now we would be in an ecological apocolipse from global warming. I don't know about you but this seems like a pretty mild apocolipse to me.

We've been in an ecological apocalypse since at least the start of the 20th century. Depending on which studies you look at, the world has lost somewhere between half and two-thirds of all of its wildlife since 1970, and species are going extinct at almost 100 times the normal rate.

I am pretty sure that is due to over fishing and hunting, as well as tearing down forests, not global warming

Then you're pretty wrong.

Creating artificial taxes on fire will do next to nothing to stop "global warming". If you want to do something productive focus on making non-burning sources of energy economical so using fire to make energy becomes obsolete.

Off the top of my head I know about 60% of those animals are endangered because of poaching, human encroachment, destroying/changing their habitat, or hunting them to prevent them from killing farm animals. Way to misrepresent.

What am I misrepresenting? I once again provided a direct line of evidence showing animals in danger of extinction due to the effects of climate change. Nowhere did I say that that was the only reason for animals to go extinct, at least not anywhere outside the confines of your nutty imagination. Just stop with this bullshit train already.
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