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Where to go after Toradora.
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Posted 5/21/17 , edited 5/21/17
Movie wise...
Kimi no na wa (Your name)
Koe no katachi (silent voice)

show wise...

Kokoro Connect
Nagi no Asukara(think its listed on CR as "a lull in the sea?"
Servant X Serivce

If your looking to branch out a bit from rom/coms...
Shin sekai Yori(from the new world)
Zankyou no terror (terror in resonance)
Bakemonogatari ....its high school characters but the comedy is witty and intelligent. also has like 6 OVAs?
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Posted 5/25/17 , edited 5/25/17
IF you like School Days, (Big IF), Then also check out White Album. It's a very similar train wreck, I mean... engaging emotional story. (It goes off the rails in the same place, for the same reasons, but with fewer casualties...)

(There's also a White Album 2, but it's unrelated.)
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