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Posted 5/21/17
Japari Park Services Anti-Poaching Task Force 2

Patrol Report 7.13.[date redacted] 14:30 hrs

Savannah Area

Ranger 3-6 D. Lambert

Report as Follows

I know no one does these entries anymore and the more I look at my past reports they seem more like a personal journal at this point. Screw it with the way things are going, I am suspecting this might be all the history people…well if people are still around are going to find of us. I’m on the Savannah region patrol, things where quiet today no signs of Charlie in the area after last night’s skirmish at the main gate of Island four.

I saw a serval mom playing with her cubs, I don’t think I’ll ever quite get used to seeing them looking like little kids no matter how long I have been here. Still was a nice distraction from all that has been going on, one even decided to pick out a bow-tie from the clothing the director left out for them. I wished them luck silently when I departed the area, I know is my last patrol of this area.

Supplies are getting low and it’s been close to three months since I saw the last supply drop. We haven’t even seen any planes in the sky, no jets, bombers, nothing. We have all known it was going to come down to this eventually, most of us don’t have anywhere to go anyways. We have been getting low on just about everything, I am down to my last six mags, one grenade, and three pistol mags. Enough for one last good fight, one that we all know is coming.

The rest of the rangers and myself are holding up on island four, that’s where we will make our stand with the director. At least I hope. Then again the director has been going off on her own with one of the information units, we keep asking her if she wants some guards to go with her. She just refuses with that smile of hers and tells us that it’s alright, we have done a heck of a job the past few years.

None of us can say no to her, I know I can’t. I was a bad man back in the day, just another gun for hire among many down on my luck. Yet she took a rough bunch in to help protect the park, for a while I just thought of it as another job pull the trigger get payed. Then we all saw what she was trying to do here, and with the way things were going found ourselves with a heavy weight on our shoulder. The future at least a portion of it, we hope that flourishes after our stupidity.

Enough of that for now, Scott is waiting for me at the docks the other boat broke down so we left it there, he’s riding over in his ad-hoc gunboat. So long island one, hope all of you make it I’m fairly sure we won’t be. Even if this is the end I’m going to go out swinging.

Report Ends

Last known GPS location of Ranger 3-6 D. Lambert

Island four 7.14.[date redacted] 21:30 hrs

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