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Posted 5/23/17 , edited 5/23/17
The rules for this thread are pretty simple. The person above will give an example of a tragic protagonist (one of their own creation or one that already exists in a story). Then, the person below them will put a positive spin on the tragic protagonist's situation and give them a happy ending.

If you use a protagonist that already exists, try to give a brief description of their personality and circumstances rather than just stating their name. I didn't see a thread exactly like this one, but please let me know if one already exists.

Edit: You can use a character that isn't technically the protagonist of a story and kind of turn them into one for the purposes of this thread if you want (for example, you could use Killua from Hunter x Hunter).

Here is how this should go:

Person 1:
Kaneki Ken was a normal university student before he was turned into a half-ghoul, which means he now needs to eat human or ghoul flesh to survive. He has to walk the cruel fate of being both human and ghoul.

Person 2:
Kaneki suffers a lot throughout the story, but eventually he helps to establish some form of peace between ghouls and humans and ends up in the ship of your choice.

A nameless werewolf boy lives alone in a cold pine forest, having been abandoned by his family when he was small. He must struggle with loneliness while not really comprehending what it means to be human.

Person 3:
The nameless werewolf boy is eventually taken in by a grumpy but kind-hearted old man who names him Ren. The old man teaches Ren what it means to be human and sets him down the path of a happy life.

There lived an unknown god named Yato. Yato is desperately afraid he will be completely forgotten by humans, at which point he will stop existing. His one faithful human follower is a girl named Hiyori. Yato is clearly in love with Hiyori. However, Hiyori will eventually die as a mortal or become a goddess, at which point we might have to worry about Yato disappearing...

Alright, the next person can start with Yato.

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Posted 5/23/17 , edited 5/23/17
Hiyori dedicates her time to convincing Yato that he is not a god, but a regular human. Over many long discussions, he comes to believe her. He is freed from his curse, and they spend the rest of their mortal lives together happily. The experience shows them that everyone creates their own reality when they truly want to.

Elizabeth's world started falling apart after she realized that her daily life is nothing more than a facade by an establishment. They want to find and control her special gift, before she can discover it herself.
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