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Posted 5/26/17
I don't know if this is where we put it, but I had a suggestion for the Crunchyroll app.

Sometimes, I find myself suddenly shocked when I discover that an anime I was really looking forward to has been on Crunchyroll for a while. When anime is added to Crunchyroll (not new season particularly, just random anime), because I have the app only, I don't find out about it unless it reaches the top of the popular list.

Is there anyway you guys would think about adding a Recently Added tab? Or maybe an email about upcoming titles? It's a lot of great anime, but sometimes new ones get lost in the mix.
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Posted 5/26/17
Which app? There are several...

For Android and the Amazon Fire TV, both of those have "New" sections in the main menu at the top that have two stripes in them, one for simulcasts and one for new episodes. The "New Episodes" stripe will show recently added episodes for everything, including recently added catalog titles in the order they were added, mixed in with the simulcast episodes. It doesn't highlight them to bring any special attention to them, but they are there...

Roku has it in a slightly different place, under the major "Anime" heading then on the "Updated" stripe. Again, mixed in, so it may not just jump out at you, but again, present.

The Win-10 Universal app has it also on a "New" menu choice and from there "Updated Episodes" similar to Android and FTV.

I don't have game consoles or Apple anything, so I don't know if those have a "New" or "Updated" or "New Episodes" section like the others, but if they don't, then they should...

It would be nice if they did have a section highlighting recently added catalog titles only, though, especially since it appears that they are finally making progress on getting more of Funimation's catalog moved over and watching the updated episode lists, you might miss them if you don't do it every day...

It would be nice if they had that on the website as well, not just on the lineup page that goes away every quarter, but in some ordered list to keep track of it like simulcasts (which they do keep track of by season).

As for emails notifying you about new titles, there is an RSS feed that can be manipulated in various ways, including getting emails if you set up an IFTTT account and create a "recipe" to do that. I made a post about that here: /forumtopic-948947/not-getting-emails-for-simulcast-updates#53697723

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