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-Can under circumstances that will be mentioned in the respective creature-description be turned into a vampire, werewolf or ghoul.
-Of all creatures, are the most likely to join cults.

-Few know about the existence of other creatures


-Humans can be turned to them if they are bitten by a vampire.
-Regenerates wounds fairly fast, blood causes heavy and lethal wounds to be healed instantly. All wounds would be healed faster with the -consumption of blood. Heavy wounds will heal slower but, again, faster with blood consumption.
-Doesn't age
-Fairly fast and strong, blood increases the capabilities of their body and heightened senses.
-All senses are heightened
-Can see in the dark
-Can turn into a bat-esque form. Transforming from one to the other takes half an hour andis incredibly painful.

-Needs to drink blood to survive and the blood-thirst they feel after a while without consumption is unbearable.
-Skin literally bubbles and cooks in sunlight, though doesn't kill but will cause constant incredible pain.
-Are naturally terrified by religious symbols, though they pose no actual harm.
-Consumption of garlic makes them incredibly sick.
-Can`t enter someones home if they have not been invited, but once invited they can enter and leave as much as they like.
-Can`t be seen in mirrors or photos
-A stake to the heart will kill the vampire as long as the stack is piercing the heart. Once taken out the vampire returns back to life.
-Fire damage takes longer to heal even with blood.
-Dies upon the heart being destroyed, though rumours of sacrifices with blood/blood-magic have been heard to piece back together a vampire heart.
-During the next few hours after transforming back into a human form, from bat-form, the individual has;
Nails like talons, hard, long and sharp.
Fur around on the body which sheds within the few hours
Almost no heartbeat.
Almost no bodyheat.



-Humans can be turned to them if they are bitten by a werewolf.
-As humans they have fairly fast healing speeds and can take more damage than a typical human.
-When turned, during a fullmoon, The werewolf is incredibly strong.
-When turned has an uncanny ability to follow specific scents and smells
-Incredibly durable.
-Doing more damage to the werewolf will just make it stronger.
-Can only be killed/gravely harmed by a silver bullet or by consumption of the flower "Wolfsbane".
-Can see in the dark when turned/As a human they can see in fairly dim light.

-Doesn't have any self-control when turned.
-In the smell of the flower "Wolfsbane" tends turn away.
-As the fullmoon approaches:
Fits of rage, anger and agression become more apparent and less controllable.
Bodyhair starts to grow faster and more furr than human hair.
Strength and hightened senses increase.



-Small in stature.
-Very sneaky.
-Adorable in their own ugly sense.
-Very athletic.
-Tend to stick together.

-Tends to be mistrusted
-Live away from humans as they don't really have anyway of blending into human society.
-Naturally mischievous.
-Tend to live in huts or abandoned buildings outside of cities.



-Small, winged and often beautiful human-like creatures.
-Can fly.
-Able to perceive emotions of others.
-Are like super fast.
-Lives for very long.
-Are magical to some extent, though due to their rarity there isn't much information on how their magic works.
-Can change their size and shape at will.

-Lack empathy despite their ability to sense emotions.
-Tend to play very very dangerous pranks.
-Are subject to very strong emotions and can unwilling be manipulsted depending on the age and maturity of the Fey.

Succubus/Incubus (Female/Male)

-Are very charming, despite physical appearance or personality. Though it's by choice of the incubus/succubus.
-Some blend in perfectly in human society, others have more obvious demonic features, like big bat-wings.
-Other demonic features may include tails, horns and hooves/the lower half of a satyr.
-Usually masters of seduction and usually don't even need to try.
-Lives for very long

-Needs to have sex with other beings to feel good.
-The health of people they have repeated intercourse with will deteriorate til they eventually die
-Some are carnivorous


-Humans can be turned to ghouls by eating human flesh
-Are very strong
-Can shape-shift into different animals, or change how they look to look human.
-Doesn't age

-Needs to eat human flesh to sustain themselves. The 'Market' sells meats of all kinds.
-Their "true form" or previosuly human body becomes disgustingly ugly and smelling of death.
-Can be killed by major damage to the brain.


-Can be summoned by certain cults, or have two Imps mate.
-Small in stature.
-Generally very sneaky.
-Not affected by fire.
-Doesn't age.
-Some have wings and can therefore fly.
-Can create fire.

-Are not strong at all.
-Typically aren't that intelligent
-Typically primal beings.


-Is a water spirit in the form of a beautiful horse.
-Can also shape-shift into a human.
-Are very strong.
-Lives for very long.

-Has an insatiable taste for human flesh.
-Livers are poisonous to them.
-Males are typically dominated by the female.
-There are not many left.
-Tend to live in solitude.
-Extremely rare.


-Are headless and carries their severed heads with them. (The head is the color and texture of stale, dried out dough or moldy cheese. It sports a hideous grin and has small black eyes that dart back and forth. The whole head glows like the phosphorous in decaying matter.)
-Rides on a black carrige pulled by six headless black horses or a single black headless horse.
-Makes no sound when moving
-Frequently uses a lantern
-By holding its severed head aloft, it can see for vast distances across the countryside, even on the darkest night.
-Doesn`t age

-Are extremely rare and extremely old
Can no speak for themselves, but can speak through the dead and have the dead-body recount it's past memories.
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