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Post Reply Do you watch foreign films?
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33 / M / TX
Posted 6/21/17 , edited 6/21/17
I do whenever I have the chance.

From recent ones that I can remember:
- Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho (Brazil)
- Quand On A 17 Ans (France)
- No One Killed Jessica (India)
- Esteros (Argentina)
- Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles (Philippines)
- Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2 (Philippines)
- Handsome Devil (Ireland)
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21 / F / FL
Posted 6/21/17 , edited 6/29/17
Of course, and not those weird B-rated Korean/ Japanese shit movies.

Watch way more than that, grammy awarded French & english films, that focus on feeling rather than eye candy
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Posted 6/24/17
Yeah, I've seen a lot of foreign movies. It's refreshing to get a different cultural perspective on oft-used storylines and plot devices.
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33 / M
Posted 7/18/17 , edited 7/18/17
Watching movies is a real pleasure for me. In particular, I love foreign series, mostly download them from . By the way, watching a film in a different language can be both exciting and educational.
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31 / F / Maine
Posted 7/27/17
I've watched many foreign films. Some of my favorites: Let the right one in (Sweden), Night Watch (Russia), Audition (Japan), Dumplings (Hong Kong), 13 Assassins (Japan), Pans Labryinth (Directed by Guillmero Del Toro, Spanish speaking throughout movie), The Girl with the dragon tattoo (Swedish-American), Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (investors from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong US. In Mandarin), Trainspotting (British) . I really enjoy foreign films.
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23 / M / Quebec, Canada
Posted 7/27/17
You changed the question, title and text is different.I have watched foreign films but I don't actively watch them.
Posted 8/3/17
Watced all of Stephen Chows Movie. Mainly Shaolin Soccer and King Fu Hustle. Never gets old.
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F / BuBbLeS!
Posted 8/5/17
I tend to watch foreign films more than English speaking films, that's just what I'm into. some of the recent ones are:

Cheo yong (S Korean tv series)
Train to Busan (S. Korean)
Pandora (S Korean)
Tunnel (S. Korean)

and some day I'll get around to watching Death Note movies/tv series that is Japanese not the stuff venturing out to America, there are a few made in Japan, including so many other foreign films that netflix don't have their paws on just yet.
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18 / M / United Kingdom
Posted 8/6/17 , edited 8/6/17
I watch some foreign films now and then. It's mostly tokusatsu films and some Asian movies but I do watch a lot of English speaking movies although most are just reboots and washed out stories. I forgot one which was about 3 sisters taking in their half sister from their fathers other marriage after he died.

EDIT: found out what the movie was called. Our little sister starring Haruka Ayase.
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21 / F
Posted 8/7/17

Mainly because I am a film student-but they were all really enjoyable :)

I saw Amelie and The Man Who Escaped. Both are in French but they are really wonderful!

Try looking them up!
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17 / M / Strumpet House, N...
Posted 8/24/17

Battle Royale

Ip Man

Kung Fu Hustle

I've watched plenty more but I'm spacing out lol
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