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Posted 5/29/17 , edited 6/25/17

Hello Everyone, Neith here! I just wanted to take a small moment to talk about my latest endeavor


To give you a bit of background, I'm a self-taught artist who's been pursuing her craft for 4 years! I draw both lewd and safe works, really whatever I'm in the mood for. Though I'm most passionate about kemonomimi art I'm a passionate and motivated artist who's getting better  and better everyday. Now I'm seeking support for my endeavors via Patreon, and I'd love it if the fine people of Fuwanovel could share in this fantastic opportunity with me.

What Patreon means to me:

As of right now, my income is a mix of onetime commissions and temp freelance work I happen to pick up. It's an interesting life to live, but stressful as well. Sometimes its hard to know if you'll find yourself in enough work to make all of your obligations. To me, Patreon is a way to easy this burden. With Patreon's assured monthly income, I can achieve a piece of mind that I haven't had in a while. it would also give me more time to focus on my art and creative endeavors (Like manga and visual novels)

What I can offer you

Patreon can best be thought of as a continuing interaction between an artist and those who support her. In exchange for your support, I offer a variety of great extras that let my patrons really get behind the scenes. Things like:

Process GIFs
Speedpaint Videos
Hi-Res versions of artwork
Raw PSD files
Sketches and WIPs
Opportunities to influence my upcoming works and projects
Sand so much more
My appeal to you

This Patreon campaign is very important to me. I hope that my sincerity and passion can win you over to helping me further my pursuits. I know it can be easy to find this kind of thing annoying, bothersome, or anything to that effect, But I'd like to invite you to see more of my work on I hope that you'll like what you see. And if you do, please don't hesitate to become a patron by donating!

It is my hope, that with Patreon, I will be able to supplement my current income (not a lot these days) and maybe even one day replace it! My takeaway message to anyone reading this would be "Please think of this Patreon as a tip-jar. If you like what I'm doing; If you support my what I'm doing here. If you believe in me and believe in my craft, please consider a pledge"

Thank you for your time in reading this.
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