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Posted 5/30/17 , edited 5/30/17
First of all I would like to point out that this is feedback with the intention of trying to make the service better and not an ultimatum to cut the subscription as I see many times in the forum.

1. What bothers me most at the moment is the subtitles, they could get a team to improve the quality of the subtitles in Portuguese, surely the members who speak Portuguese are many thanks to Brazil, I have my app set to English because so I have more series available to see But my girlfriend does not know English and some Portuguese subtitles are simply horrible, to the point that it becomes more confusing to see the anime in PT than to see it in English.

I've been watching some anime with portuguese subtitles on Netflix Portugal, such as Sword Art Online, and the subtitles of Netflix are VERY superior in quality, not to mention that they are more explicit in the translations, as obscenities are often read in subtitles when Characters say it in Japanese as opposed to Crunchyroll where the obscenity is almost always euphemized, if Netflix ever gets licenses for more and better series in Portugal I may choose to change my Crunchyroll subscription to Netflix but I'd love to stay hence my feedback.

2. Another issue I have is with Availability, I'm not talking about licenses mind you, I'm talking about licensed anime in my region without Portuguese subtitles, why does Crunchyroll hide anime without PT-BR subtitles? It's a pain to change the app from Portuguese to English and back every time I want to watch an anime series with my girlfriend.

If the series doesn't have Portuguese subtitles allow the app to display the series anyway just stream with English subtitles.

I heard Crunchyroll was experimenting with changing your streaming service, I'd like to know how much of that is true, because the current service is extremely lacking, one feature I really miss is changing subtitle language on the fly while watching a stream, much like Netflix.
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