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Posted 5/30/17 , edited 5/30/17
I used to be able to get it indirectly through another channel, but that channel has disappeared.

They still list it on the WD TV site, but darned if I can find it.

Any help appreciated.
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Posted 7/12/17 , edited 7/12/17
Welcome to the club
You may have found other threads here with a similar topic. CR showing randomly, CR vanished, shows not appearing and, ultimately, no anime at all.
We were able to reach CR contents through the Flingo "search" menu for a few months, then it stopped working.
Sometimes I find an episode in the "popular" list (amongst dozens of 30-seconds videos about half-naked girls, car accidents, robberies, and gossip) and I'm still able to watch it and even add the series to my favorites. When I re-watch a series, episodes show up briefly in the "popular" list, so I guess very few people still use the WD.

The odd thing is, I have 10 pages full of CR stuff in my favorites, and I can watch everything even if the WD isn't supported anymore.
Some of the older stuff doesn't even show up here on the CR site (nor in the App on the PS3 I bought last year just to watch CrunchyRoll); are the files stored elsewhere? It all seems quite complicated o_O

In short: no, CR hasn't been available on the WD for a couple years now.

Uhm, but if you have a series you want to watch, just ask: if I have it in my favorites I'll watch it so you can get it from the Popular list
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