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Posted 5/31/17
So I was watching the first episode of "Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They?" and around 35 seconds in the animation froze but the episode timer and animation sounds continued onward. I thought I would wait around 30 seconds to see if it would reset, perhaps due to lag, but nothing changed. I back tracked to earlier in the video but the situation remained the same, albeit the screen would freeze at an earlier portion of the episode that I had already viewed. I exited the video, went back and resumed from where I left off, but the video would do the same thing after another 30 seconds. I exited the app and returned, but it still happened. Lastly I reset my PS4 and re-entered into Crunchy Roll, but again the same thing happened. It only seems to be with this one video, as all other videos are playing as normal. I recently updated my PS4 but I have my doubts that would be the cause as this has never happened from previous updates. Could this just be a glitch in the one video? I have yet to try and see if this issue progresses to other episodes.
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