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Posted 6/4/17 , edited 6/24/17
I have had two videos uploaded and monetized by TOEI Animation for over three years. Here recently, TOEI decided they no longer wanted my videos you be accessible and hit me with a copyright strike. The videos were pertaining to the journey Nami and Sanji went through up until the end of Punk Hazard. Nami's Journey lasted 20:08 and Sanji's Journey lasted 8:45. I have emailed them several times and tweeted them asking for a copyright strike removal, and to have TOEI monetize it or to just have me delete the video, so I wouldn't have my channel at risk of deletion, but they don't seem interested in helping me repair the issue. So, just a quick warning for fan-made content. TOEI seems to be cracking down. I also removed all of my AMV's due to fear of a 3rd strike ruining my channel. Please be aware of this, I would hate for anyone to lose their hard work that they put into their channel.
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Posted 6/4/17
Toei are like the Capcom of animation studios, very greedy. They also took away full length Saint Seiya videos that were on Youtube in recent years.
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Posted 7/1/17 , edited 7/1/17
I can't believe that stuff like this is still happening on YouTube.
Also, why couldn't you just demonetize your videos before Toei did?
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Posted 7/2/17
Did you just upload clips from their shows? Because that is straight up a copyright violation. There's not even any gray area in fair use for that sort of thing and that sounds like what you are saying you had uploaded.
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