you can watch certain unlicensed series for free!
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Posted 6/4/17 , edited 6/5/17

anitere official site

TV Tokyo apparently offers a streaming service of their own. it's called "animeteleto"
(あにてれ - anitere), where you can watch a few series, some of which is unavailable anywhere else due to licensing restrictions or unnecessary region-block (i'm looking at you, Amazon Japan). there's quite a few shows available, all for free, with no advertising and of course legal. the site also uses html 5 for the video - it doesn't use flash (cough Crunchyroll cough cough). i haven't experienced lag during video playback, though your experience may vary.

nice! what series are available?
list of series available to catch up
among several others:
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Gintama: Yorinuke! Gitamasan~
Pokemon: Sun & Moon
Natsume Yuujinchou
Aikatsu Stars! season 2
Idol Time Pripara
Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation
there's a few others, but those that already ended, only the first episode is available for free.

cool! what's the catch?
catch 1: free users can only watch the 1st episode and the latest episode. once the episode ends there's a grace period of 1 week for free users to watch. once this grace period ends, only paid users can watch that episode.
this also means, you can only catch up with the latest episodes, and not see a series that ended long ago.
catch 2: since the servers are located in Japan, it can take a while for the stream to start. if it doesn't start within 1 minute, double-check and make sure scripts are allowed to run.
catch 3: this service is intended for Japanese speakers, so there's no subs available. but hey, if there's no other option available anyway, or if you know Japanese, this shouldn't be much of an issue.

as a bonus, here's the current anime ranking on the site

Kemono friends, yugioh!, Aikatsu! and Naruto at top of the chart.
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