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Huge portion of U.S. Economy pledges the Paris Agreement despite government withdrawal.
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Posted 6/9/17 , edited 6/9/17

dulun18 wrote:

TarNaru33 wrote:

Stop being silly, no one who agrees that climate change is real is going to disagree with you on using energy more efficiently. Also I doubt your statistic of them being more likely to pollute. The problem with your suggestion is that electricity, transportation, and industry are the main greenhouse gas emitters. Commercial and residential emissions are a minority in this.

This means advocating for renewable energy as that is a LARGE portion of our greenhouse gas. Cars that are powered by electricity with a all the grids being powered by renewable sources is a good way to reduce CO2.

I agree with you that recycling and less waste is a good thing, which again requires government aide in that. If I am not mistaken, last I checked it was less expensive to buy new material than recycled material (industry) other than things like boxes. That requires government aide in pushing along.

stop being silly indeed

personally, i don't really care which side a person is on on global warning (climate change). I think hey called it global warming before

the question is i would ask any person is-- are you doing your part ?

sure, they can go on yapping on and on about this and that like some experts but not doing anything about it .. while throwing some stats from some articles from some news network who are know for staging news and providing false information

i hope no one will bring up the "99% of scientists" crap when replying to my posts

as for recycling-- would you rather have recyclables in the ocean or landfill or recycle ?

Consumerism -- do you need new clothes, shoes, purse, phones every few weeks-months? or a new phone every year ? especially what you have are still usable-- the only problem is it's not the current trend items..

so yes, seeing the tech giants yapping about climate change is quite hilarious imo.

A person in this thread I believe already explained why they changed the name from global warming to climate change. People get the wrong idea when it comes to it since they think of only the temperature rising and that isn't just what climate change do.

Listen, unless you can back up a statement, there really is no point in saying it. Do you have any data saying that the ones most vocal about climate change are not adhering to principles that reduce wastes?

I don't get why you are asking me about recycling, in the posts I stated above, I am for recycling and even if government needs to get involved to reduce the cost of recycling to give incentives to companies and people to do so. I take active measures in reducing the waste coming out of my place. Speaking of your ideas for transportation don't work in many areas of U.S as only a few cities have a robust transportation system where one doesn't need to drive to get everywhere they need.

Your arguments against consumerism is only ideological. One can reduce those wastes in numerous ways, but I will say you should not expect consumerism to go away. If everyone did what you are suggesting, it would cause a very huge shock to the world economy. It just isn't realistic at all.

Many of the tech giants have goals for decreasing their carbon footprint and have been doing so. Just a question... Do you bother reading on this topic at all? No, I do not think tech giants should slow down on manufacturing things, nor should clothes, etc. There are other ways to deal with it, your idea lies on the extreme end where it isn't realistic nor economically healthy.

I am not sure what to take away from our discussion. If you are for all the things you are stating, then I assume you are supportive of government initiatives to get more of it rolling? Now that most of the world's governments acknowledge and made an agreement (though not legally binding), it is likely this will happen even if U.S do nothing or even resists it since U.S companies would be forced to endure more cost if they set up 2 standards.
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Posted 6/9/17 , edited 6/9/17

dulun18 wrote:

should i use trigger warnings ? ?

anyway, I heard of patagonia. Their products are pricey though. Do it yourself will be cheaper. You can buy those sewing machine for like $50 ? and you can patch up the clothes yourself. I wear T-shirts alot and open it's always the armpit areas. I can save a lot of money patching up usable clothes while also reduce my carbon footprints

speaking of waste

Truck hauling beer tips over on Valley freeway
they are throwing them all away ? at least recycle! or give away the cans that are not damaged.

energy efficient is pretty easy to do and not every step will be going out and buy electric cars or installing solar panels etc.. forget all those craps and stay within your budget

it's always good to have trigger warnings on certain topics.. climate change extremists are always feisty

Patagonia products are not cheap but it's one of the few companies that will provide such service to their customers. Every little step will help.

I saw the beer truck on the local news. It took them 7-8 hours to clean it up.

I think another easy step that we can help that will make a considerable impact -- is how we use our cars. I'm sure you see the amount of cars on the city streets and freeways-- i'm sure you also noticed how most cars only have 1 person in it ? even though most cars can carry 2-5 people ?

if you can put 2-3+ people in 1 car.....still, even i have to admit that it's pretty tough to make changes with using our cars. Car pooling is ok for some but not for most. It's a pain in the rear having to wait for the other person let alone 2-3 more people-- before and after work , etc..

the reason 1 person per car despite the car can carry 2-5 is convenience/time saving-- i think it's something that most of us are not willing to give up.. myself included.

I don't think anyone will stand for some stupid law telling you what car you can buy and how you should use your cars in the US.. etc.. (even though i think some country added 300% tax on gasoline car i think... i can't remember which country though)
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Posted 6/9/17 , edited 6/9/17

they can try but good luck passing a law like that in the US
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Posted 6/9/17 , edited 6/9/17
Oh' damn ouch i'm afraid look out the water is rising and my skin is burnin
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