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Posted 6/18/17 , edited 6/18/17
Anime: Your Lie in April

Show summary: A prodigy pianist loses the ability to hear the notes he plays on a piano. Overcome with fear and despair he stops playing for a number of years until he meets an incredible violinist who lives for music. She opens the mind of the pianist in hopes that he will one day play again, in particular play his piano with her violin.

Review: There are a ton of reasons I love this show, but the biggest one is the music. The score is a bunch of classical music from various composers such as Chopin, but they are generally solo pieces which are incredible to listen to. It enhances every scene where present and adds a lot of depth to each of the characters' performances. The anime revolves around music, in particular a handful of prodigious students, which just means everything performance is top class and helps you to understand the unique struggles of each of the characters

The story itself is also amazing in my opinion. It is cute, funny, touching, dramatic, and stunning all at the same time. Many different themes are explored and as you learn more about the loveable characters, the you begin to truly care about each of them. Needless to say, there was more than 1 point where I got a bit emotional since I was so invested in the success of the characters. It is definitely an anime where, once you get a few episodes in, you won't want to stop watching to find out what happens in the next episode.

Overall this is a beautiful anime in numerous aspects including animation, story, character development, and musical score. Even if you are not a huge fan of classical music, Your Lie in April brings so much aside from that to the table with its story, that this is a much watch for anyone fond of slice of life anime/drama anime.
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