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Title: Follow Your Zanpakutou
Author: Momoko Muramaki (Miyavis_Gazette)
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: HitsuHina (What else?)
Warnings: Cutesy?
Rating: K
Word count: 1425 words
Summary: Anything can happen in the garden of peach blossoms.
Dedicated: All the cast of the Bleach musicals!
Posted To: Crunchy Roll Month Of Writing Contest, January-February 2008, http://miyavis_gazette.livejournal.com/ , http://www.fanfiction.net/~miyavisgazette
Author’s Ramble: Sorry I skimped out totally… I decided to join Wednesday at 10 pm. So I had very little time to write this! Please be nice... No flames. I also really hope this meets requirements....
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN BLEACH. IT BELONGS TO TITE KUBO. Trust me, if I owned Bleach, The Diamond Dust Rebellion would be an awesome game, not a sucky movie. (Bleach Diamond Dust Rebellion, Bleach DDR, get it?) –Credit to Dougras from capslock_bleach for the DDR-
Please No Flames


“You should take Hinamori on a date today!” Matsumoto said cheerfully as she set another sheet of paperwork on her pile.

Hitsugaya, on the other hand, nearly choked on the tea he was drinking. “No.”

But you have such great Chemistry.” She said in shock, “I could have sworn that you were dating at the least!”

“Why would you ever think that?” Damn he was good, he didn’t even blink her at comments. Either way, games like this were fun to play with her Taichou.

“Well I just saw you 2 on the roof on New Years. Only couples actually kiss then.” Matsumoto could have sworn she saw a vein pop. She had kissed him first, not the other way around. His fukutaichou did not understand that difference. If it made Hinamori happy, he would do it. He would do anything for her, just to make her smile.

“Do your paperwork Matsumoto.” Hitsugaya said simply as he walked out of the room.

His fukutaichou snickered, he was going to see Hinamori. She could just sense it. He really didn’t care. He just had to prove that damn fukutaichou of his wrong. People can kiss and still be just friends. After all, she should remember all those nights she made out with her friends. Regardless if there had been sake involved or not. He and Hinamori had a bond that made them different than others.

“Oh. Hi Shirou-chan!” Hinamori said smiling as she closed her door.

“That’s Hitsugaya-Taichou to you; bed-wetter Momo.” He replied without thinking. It was just habit now.

“But, Shir-“ She cried before he cut her off.

“Hitsugaya-Taichou.” He stated simply.

She paused for a moment, “Shirou-chan! I don’t wet the bed anymore!”

Hitsugaya gave up. He wasn’t going to try and change her mind about this because no matter what he did, she’d always call him Shirou-chan. Always.

“Shirou-chan, I’m going to get lunch, do you want some?” She asked. She didn’t even give him time to reply before turning to her servant, “Miyagi-san, would you please bring 2 boxed lunches? Me and Shirou-chan are going to go to the Peach Blossom Garden!”

Hitsugaya looked at her for a moment, a look of confusion covering his face, “We are?”

“Of course! It’s so nice out today, and the peach blossoms just started blooming! It’s going to be so pretty there Shirou-chan.” She smiled at the thought of it. That was Hinamori. She loved watching flowers bloom.

Miyagi quickly brought back the boxed lunches to her Fukutaichou and friend.

"Let's go Shirou-chan!" Hinamori smiled widely. She gave him one of the boxes and wrapping her arm around his, pulling him down the narrow pathway of the 5th division.


Hinamori stretched as she set the box that had one held her lunch aside, “See! I told you it was beautiful!”

“Yea. Really, beautiful.” Beautiful wasn’t the word Hitsugaya would use. Pretty would work.

She grabbed her friend’s wrist, pulling him up from the bench, “Come on! Let’s go for a walk!”

Hitsugaya tried to pull his arm away, “Hinamori, I really have to get to wo-“

“Work work work! That’s all you ever think about. Come on Shirou-chan. Let’s have some fun for once!” She put her hands behind her back and frowned. Damn her puppy dog frown.

He scowled a tad, he didn’t want to go on a walk. But he really didn’t want to make Hinamori sad. Damnit. Maybe Matsumoto’s right for once.

They walked in silence, admiring the beauty surrounding them (Or in Hitsugaya’s case, walking next to him)

“Hey, Momo we need to ta-“ He turned his head. Hinamori was gone. There was no trace of her at all. None of her reiatsu, no scent of her shampoo, not the sound of her shoes as she walked, nothing. “Momo?” Hitsugaya called out. No response.

On the other side of the garden, Momo was wondering the same exact thing. The walls of the garden hid spiritual pressure, which is why it was called the Peace Garden. So you could peacefully walk through without having to feel the spiritual pressures of the training field next to it.

Her vision blurred. At first she felt dizzy, but yet she felt calm and collected. She blinked, the place she was now looked different than it had a moment ago. She heard the sound of water rushing; there was no river or any body of water where they were.

Suddenly she could see clearly again, the pink flowers had turned to orange and purple. The well kept path of white brick was replaced with a worn dirt path. Then she realized, her Zanpakutou had pulled her into her inner world. She smiled to herself, she loved it in her world. The sounds were peaceful. The flowers always in bloom, raining down upon her.

Do you want to find Hitsugaya?

Hinamori looked around her, she didn't see anybody. “Tobiume? Is that you?” Her Zanpakutou hadn’t talked to her since Aizen had stabbed her. Over nearly a year. She'd almost forgotten her Zanpakutou's voice. But the confidence in Tobiume's voice was the way Hinamori could always tell it was her.

Tobiume's voice seemed to come from the sky, there was no solid direction. It surrounded her, and it gave her confidence. Hinamori could feel Tobiume's eyes looking upon her. And that was quite alright, she trusted her Zanpakutou.

I can find him for you if you want. I can sense Hyorinmaru’s reiatsu from miles away, even with this stupid wall. Stupid dragon doesn’t know how to hide his reiatsu well enough. Hinamori felt awkward listening to her own Zanpakutou rant about her best friend’s Zanpakutou.

“Would you really do that?” She asked hopefully. After all, the only reason she asked him here was because she missed spending time with him.

For a small price. Tobiume told her with a hint of amusement in her voice.

“What would that be?” Hinamori felt queasy, her Zanpakutou had a demented concept of small. What on earth (or Soul Society) could her Zanpakutou want?

Admit to me that you love Hitsugaya. I’m not blind Momo, I know these things. Hinamori felt the pit in her stomach grow larger. Of all the things!

“W-well as a brother!” She said boldly, trying to convince herself of that.

I guess Hitsugaya can wait then. Tobiume sounded like she was waiting for an answer still.

“Fine! So what if I do. What if I do love him more than a bro-" She had just said that aloud. She couldn't even believe herself. "Either way, will you help me find Shirou-chan now?” Hinamori asked.

I guess that will have to do. Tobiume said softly.

Hinamori followed her Zanpakutou’s every direction. It was a part of her soul, she couldn’t not trust it.

“Are you sure this is the right place? I don’t see them.” Hinamori looked again, her Zanpakutou would never lie to her. Would she?

“Momo?” Hitsugaya’s head popped out from behind a Plum Blossom tree. He looked like he had been sleeping. His usual hair style of spikes, was gone. Instead his white hair framed his face to the point where, he was almost, cute. Of course, Hitsugaya was the lightest sleeper Hinamori knew.

“Shirou-Chan!” She couldn’t help but smile at him. She ran over to him. “I’m really sorry!”

“For running off? You always do that anyways Bed-wetter Momo.” He said smiling.

“No.” She sat down in front of him, “I actually need to prove something to Tobiume.”

Hitsugaya gave her a confused look. At least until she leaned forward and pressed her lips against his.

“I love you Toushirou.” She smiled at him, a blush a rising on her cheeks after they had pulled apart.

He looked at her for a moment, “I love you too Momo.” And he actually smiled back. He didn’t care if Matsumoto was right, as long as he was with Hinamori, he was happy.

Your skills are getting worse Hyorin-chan. Tobiume said to the dragon. As the 2 shinigami lay together, with smiles on their faces.

Like you would be able to convince that girl to kiss my master. He said back to her. He, unlike her, loved little games.

Avoiding the topic are we? And yes. I did. It’s simply because I’m that amazing. Tobiume said with triumph in her voice.

You can keep believing that Tobi-chan, I still surpass you. And I always will. Hyorinmaru said back to her boldly.

Shut up Hyroinmaru. Hitsugaya told his Zanpakutou.

What ever happened to proving to Matsumoto that you were just friends? His Zanpakutou asked him. Damn his nosey Zanpakutou.

As long as I’m happy, who cares about Matsumoto. That’s what love is about isn’t it?

Zanpakutou speech is in italics because I see them talking telepathically
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