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Posted 6/26/17 , edited 6/27/17
Hello guys/gals,

I remember watching an anime series/movie/OVA on VHS in the early 90s set in a fantasy setting. It involved a group of warriors protecting a little girl whose father was king of the land. This King was killed (and his head chopped off) by this guy with long white hair, who showed off the head in front of the whole kingdom. This new King also had a white bead on his forehead (looks like a vertical eye with no pupil). So New King wants the Old King's daughter, whose protectors ran off with in the middle of the night.

The protectors consist of: a badass Samurai/Knight type, with long black hair and an expert with the sword/katana, very calm, very stoic. A woman, thin and pretty, long black hair as well. And a teenage boy, who has a large sword and can summon dragons with a swing of said sword (but only near a body of water I think). We're introduced to these protectors and the princess (who is blonde and very frail if I recall correctly) as some bandits attack them, and the protectors show off their skills/powers.

I also remember a scene later when an Ice Witch captures the Samurai and encases him in ice, and she is smitten with him. The others try to save him and attack her lair, where she summons Ice dragons. The teenager dragon summoner, upon seeing the ice dragons, says, "Those dragons look similar to my monsters" (in that bad dubbing voice that we all know and love of that time). The princess absolutely loves that Samurai and pretty much refuses to leave his side, and was beside herself when he got kidnapped.

And that's it. That's all that I remember. Any help is very much appreciated.
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Posted 6/26/17 , edited 6/27/17
That's almost so generic I'm surprised you remember it. Mm. That'll take some time to dredge up.
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