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Post Reply US downgrades China over human trafficking
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Posted 6/27/17 , edited 6/28/17

MadBovine wrote:

What about the countries in the middle east? Slavery is quite literally a thing there, but it gets left out of these kinda talks.

Yeah but I think the difference is w things
1. How large is said country? We can't be bothered to talk to every damn territory in the world and we also don't really have the authority to force a country with no ties to us to do anything. Since China is a major player in the global economy and politics what it does matters but what some minor territory does elsewhere in the world isn't important enough to waste time on.

2. Does the country actually endorse it? Even if a country technically has slavery is the government at least puts up a front of trying to stop it then officially we give that country a pass since we can't exactly say "How dare you not control illegal activity in your country".

When all is said and done yes it is hypocritical but that is just how politics works and it's unique to China, the US, or anywhere.
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Posted 6/27/17 , edited 6/28/17

MonoDreams wrote:

I understand this might be slightly off topic, but they should be downgraded one more because of there tendency to boil cats and dogs alive.

Yeah, it is pretty bad on food morals, but in the end, they are food. Not that I eat them myself before. Its not like some companies in U.S. is any different when it comes to food processing with China ...
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Posted 6/30/17 , edited 6/30/17
China should downgrade US for something in return..

for corporate greed of using cheap labor with no benefits ? some US companies bought products made from child labor as well no ?

let's the downgrade game begins..
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