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Posted 6/28/17
Hi everyone. I'm officially a Naruto fan since last month as I regret never watch for 15 years. At first I watched Boruto movie then watch Boruto series last month. But I felt is not enough so watch Naruto The Last, then I wanna feel this NaruHina thing so I watched from the very beginning to Shipuuden within a month. I will rewatch the Boruto series again. I actually planned to write this for a week but I just don't know where to post or start.

To be honest, Naruto series reminds me of Ultraman Tiga where you have the ancient past and the villain are basically ancient plus powerful, Gatanozoa is "Madara/Kaguya", Great Elder Toad Sage=Yuzare as they provide the prophecy in the series. Then after that is Naruto The Last is like Ultraman Tiga Final Odyssey movie, where the villian has ancient past and has score to settle with. Such as Toneri=Three Evil Ultras in the movie. Boruto series reminds Ultraman Dyna series which is direct sequel to Ultraman Tiga. Ultraman Dyna is light-hearted just like Boruto at the beginning. Ultraman Dyna does not have a prophecy in the series where who they face is unknown just like Boruto. Ultraman Dyna starts light- hearted slowly becomes maybe dark and emotional towards the end. Boruto becomes like that which will be awesome.

I start from here. These are the observations that I found in watching the series plus keep rewatch the important or good episode in addition with Naruto Wikia as a reference.

We all know that Boruto's Father is Naruto and His Teacher-Of-Training is Sasuke. Boruto will have to go through the path of both of them went through which is "pain" and "maturity". In both of Naruto and Sasuke's path of Ninja, I summerized the most important or crucial person in their character development: Minato, Kushina, Jiraiya, Iruka, Kakashi and Itachi.

When I cross refererence the character personality similarity between the Naruto and Boruto series. Naruto is Boruto's "Minato", Sasuke is his "Jiraiya/Ero Sennin", Konohamaru might be his " Kakashi Sensei". Shino might be his "Iruka Sensei". Hinata is his "Kushina but in 60 to 80 percent". Why?? Because she loves Boruto just like how Kushina loved Naruto as a mother and son BUT Kushina never doubt Naruto.
This is where Hanabi can comes to play. Hanabi has the potential to be one of the important role in Boruto's character development. She can become his "Itachi + the remaining 20% of Kushina". I assumed Naruto Superfans might ask why about this. Because she has the least appearence in Naruto series as a Hyuga which she has little character development and she does not doubt Boruto which means she believed he is not lying.

I read Facebook article in Chinese about Hanabi might be Boruto's mother and a lot people are saying is crazy. BUT when I think about it, it wasn't super crazy at all.

4 Reasons of why Hanabi might be Boruto's mother:
1) In episode 9, when Naruto take Boruto and Himawari to Hyuga residence. Hanabi talked to Naruto with somehow a slight awkward silence there. Maybe there is a secret between them I don't know.

, Hanabi and Boruto have conversations after dinner where she believed in Boruto is not lying somehow 80 to 90 percent. That is near wholeheartly trust just like Itachi believed in Sasuke no matter what. When your aunt trust you more than your mother. Well, I don't know what to say.

3) I not sure whether is a design mistake or what. Bangs= Hair in front of forehead. How come Hanabi has the same type bangs as Boruto? That is one bang on the left and one bang on the right and lastly one bang on the middle. Both of them have the same bangs that is sharp ended at the forehead. While Himawari has flat ended bangs looks like Hinata.

4)2 years after Fourth Shinobi War, we all know Naruto finally acknowledged Hinata's love in Naruto The Last then they married in a few weeks or months I don't remember in Konoha Hiden arc. Hinata might be pregnant in Sasuke Shinden arc. As I referred to Naruto Wikia, Shortly after Naruto and Hinata are married and Boruto is born. "Shortly after"?? For how long? In weeks, months, years. We don't know. The problem is Sakura haven't even join with Sasuke, Shikamaru and Temari still dating, Sai and Ino just started dating around Sasuke Shinden arc. Which means there is a time lapse between NaruHina Marriage to Sasuke Shinden arc to the time Boruto is born. Which means something might have happen during those time lapse. Because if you chose to ignore the time lapse Boruto should have been aged one year or two years older than Shikadai, Sarada, Cho Cho and Inojin.

BUT how the hell is that going to happen. Naruto is not the guy crosses the line in relationship. Hanabi is roughly 14 to 17 years old which is illegal for underage girl to pregnant. Well, as I said earlier, something might have happened during the time lapse. Maybe Hinata had miscarriage during that time. And Hanabi loved her sister and she would not her sister saddened but Naruto is not the guy that crosses the line. If the manga writer does right, where Naruto and Hanabi had a child but on test tube which is IVF pregnancy. Which might explain why Naruto and Hanabi had a slight silence episode 9. (This is just Fan type of theory)

I actually had dreams about future possible plot twist during sleep few weeks ago until today. And I roughly remembered every each of them and plan to write a script including the fan theory above while the mental script is still in my head. However, I'm a rookie writer. So, I thought of write the script in free time while I'm still intern at 22 years old and Boruto series just started just weeks ago and its manga still ongoing and not much significance took place. FYI, I don't like the way that the Naruto Fanfic Novels are written. Is too much of romance and nothing else. I even had mental script about a final movie about the Naruto/Boruto franchise that is take place after the final episode of the Boruto series as the ending note of the franchise.

I do think this is a suggestion script somehow and I plan to send the script to the manga planner or writer somehow and maybe try to post the brief of the script to anywhere everyone in the world can see it in not so long future. If there is a international anime story writing or script writing contest, do let me know. To end this, I am Bryan from Malaysia (22 years old). Glad to be a Naruto/Boruto fan here (not super or crazy type of fan)
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Posted 6/30/17
Nope nice in depth theory though. The NaruHina relationship was based after the original author's relationship with his wife that;s why in The Last the scarf seen was added. The Naruto - Boruto relationship is also based off the relationship with the author's son. Because of that I dont think Kishimoto after making those statements would have that happen. And while IVF is more common in other parts of the world it's not that common in Japan.
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Posted 6/30/17 , edited 6/30/17
you went deep..... but I can't imagine Naruto being the type of person to cheat on his wife, Hanabi to even think of getting in with her precious sisters man and hinata letting that happen in the first place (although if it did happen hinata wouldn't force her to have an abortion tho but that aint the point)

AND I DEFINETLY CAN'T IMAGINE HIM LOOKING AT ANY GIRL OTHER THAN HINATA (okay yes at the beginning it was sakura...but as was stated in the anime it was prolly due to his competition with sasuke.....but that's still not the point here )...

insinuating that Naruto would have a love child with his wife's sister is demeaning to Naruto, Hinata AND Hanabi....Hanabi isn't the type to just up and have kids with a married man much less her sister's...proven in the way she still adores her *enter quotes and countless actions Hanabi has said and done that reflect her love for her sister* and the fact that she's the successor of the Hyuga clan...she'd bring shame to not only herself but her clan....

I didn't read your whole theory so this is prolly a half assed reply but as a girl who's been watching NaruHina and Hanabi for the last 15 years and continuously rewatched it (well I mean you can't really help not being interested 15 years ago and is a little unfair of me to say that cuz you may love the show as much as I do BUT STILL), what your saying is purely conjecture...and if your truly interested and loved the show as any other naruto fan would know that Naruto's morals, Hanabi's high regard for her sister as well as Hinata's bad assness would never lead to whatever you were trying to say in that whole essay....

no hate tho xx

( i'm not gonna read over it so please don't kill me if theres any mistakes )
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Posted 6/30/17
(hmmm... i know about the trains but i wonder if they actually carry out abortions in boruto tho...)
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