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Posted 6/28/17 , edited 6/28/17
While I have no problem with the monthly plan, the 3 month plan works better for me, and I decided to change over.

I'd like to ask, when will the change take place? Will I be billed the $19.95 at the next billing date (July 10th) and things will simply continue from there, or will I be billed the original $6.95 on July 10th and then, three months later, the 3 month plan billing will be in effect? Alternate question, is there a way to set up specific billing dates to fit my personal needs and life?
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Posted 6/28/17 , edited 6/28/17
The first part, I can't answer for certain, you would need to contact support: /contact
Probably, though, you will have to cancel recurring payments, then wait for your current pre-paid time to expire so that your account goes "normal", then after that, resubscribe here:

The second part, I'm pretty sure that isn't possible. CR billing "months" are exactly 30 days each. Three months is 90 days. 12 months is 360 days. The billing date will change because of months that do not have 30 days, so it isn't possible to purposefully keep a specific day of the month (or quarter, or year). It will continually march in procession unless you unsubscribe and resubscribe.

You could try purchasing gift memberships in the store, and redeem them yourself, if subscribing is inconvenient financially...
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