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In town, rumors starts to spread about the abduction of the Princess. Some people would even blame the duke after what happened at teh party
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Months has passed since Ralphinstine was injured, but Ralphinstine's recovery was still not yet completed. He buried himself deep in the Town of Tartarus where he used to live. Ralphinstine found himself drunk in misery, he even lost his motivation. He was reminded on how miserable his childhood was and wanted everything to stop. He wondered how all of this came to be, how his king will never accept him for who he is now. He became a freak show and didn't want to be recognized anywhere. So he started peeling away his face everyday. Every time his face would heal, he would peel it right away with his sharp grown nails. He started punishing himself every week by snapping all of his fingers. He started to enjoy these things and grew very accustom to it.
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