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Posted 8/30/17

Ejanss wrote:

gamersglory wrote:

Do to the upcoming war with North Korea a Draft .

Do WHAT to the upcoming "war" with North Korea?

Cardamom_Ginger wrote:

Has OP been hacked, or something? This sounds kind of like spam.

No, it's some Trump idiot who read today's article about NK launching another missile into the ocean (OOO!!! ), and claiming they can "send one anywhere" (oo, NK vs. Trump...Nerd-fight!!), and now thinks he has his big fifteen minutes of Big Relevant Internet Fame on boards he doesn't usually converse on.

Even though you'd think a little topic like the Draft would have come up maybe once in the TEN FREAKIN' YEARS we were in Iraq and Afghanistan...
Nobody wants to be a weekend Army Reservist anymore, though.

We've been in Iraq and Afghanistan off and on since the 70s and most recently we've been there since 2001. Closer to 16 years than ten, bud.

Signing up for selective service doesn't make you a reservist, FYI. What country are you from? Are you old enough to be posting here?
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