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Posted 7/27/17
Senki Zessho Symphogear AXZ #4 EP 4 "Golden Training"

So Relics were from WW2 Germany

The Special Disaster Response Team is moving to Japans WW 2 Secret HQDRS in Matsushiro also home to the secret Kazabari Insistute ( Tsubuusa and Uncle legacy )

Tsubussa ?? why residents have to moved / protected and Genjuro answers bluntly nut just them but Japan

I liked the old decipher machines in the insistute

W/ O Linker Maria, Shirabe, and Kirika go outside Kirika spots a person and goes to warn her but it's a Scarcrow Maria dont like they cany hekp more than that Kirika wants to keep looking for stray people but knocks over an older lady who is gathering her tomatoes She offers them a taste and like it better than store bought. Then Cagliostro appears

Chris come 1sT as the girls cant use their gears

BYW that trasformation was lively an Chris just pulls out a missle Just great!

After Tsubussa shows up Cagliostro. retreats

The kind woman thanks and dgives Maria a tomatoe which Maria don like normally but she bites and likes the sweetnees the lady tells treat the tomtoes harsh little water at the end and they come out sweet Maria thinks harsh at their own condition right now

Alca Noise show up Chris . Hibiki / Tsubussa fight to keep them from moving againsy civikians

Gowever , Saint-Germain's team has the Faust Robes which neutralizes the Gears

Adam appears which Cagliostro is not happy about

Adam uses Alchemy to use nuclear fusion

But somehow Maria, Shirabe, and Kirika have activated their gears tp rescue Chris / Tsubussa / Hibiki

Adam fusions is going to be equal to Russia;s Tungsuka explosion

It loses power at tne last second but left a huge carater and what of the gears? ckiffhangar >>>end

The ED son with Chris singing / lyrics / her and parents in the animation kinda gets to me,.
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Posted 7/30/17
It seems that Season 4 focuses on some points in Chris's past which is a good thing. It's nice to see more history related to her. Also, is that Adam enemy to both sides?
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Posted 7/30/17
Beach Volleyball !! Nice

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Posted 29 days ago
Senki Zessho Symphogear AXZ EP 5 "Risking Your Life in a Fictional Theater"

They survived the blast

The base is ababdoned +-The Alchemists disagrre with Adam interdering but wiil go with Tiki on the Star projecr

Shirabe and Kirika arnsformation and song wa reallt cool as tghey ttrasin w/ o limker Chris / Hibiki object but Maria wiil watch over them Elfnein has narrowed down what cuses the stres on the users as she says Ct Vers was brilliant in hiding some key steps

Vers left behind a brain scan machine to finf the vitals strong points for sync rayes Maria voluntters and Elfnein will observe vut both can in danger leaving them a vegetable

Tsbussa and he uncle get reprmanded by her father

The series stepped it up again wuth the mind scan / The EP Tirle makes sense

Then the Alchemists release a huge Alca noise and have a vessel ?

Then Dr Vers shows uip in the mind scan ..... End

Senki Zessho Symphogear AXZ EP 6 "Emerging From the Deathbed"

Pretty good / Hibiki / Tsubasa / Chris fight Alca- Noise that keep mulytping

Maria and Eifnein in their scary mind dive eventually find the miising Linker formila thanks to " MOM'

The Alchenists show up with their ship releasing even more Alca noise but Shirabe ( that was a srunning transformation ) take on thr new foes defeat them but Cagliostro fires a shot at the duo bit Hibiki shows up and stops the bullet So the alchemists say is still 3 / 3 but Maria / Chris / Tsybussa show up and force them to reveal their plans which look pretty ominous

Senki Zessho Symphogear AXZ #4 EP 7 "ARCANA No.00"

You got to give Symphogear Kudos yes they talk a bit but unlike other animes it's short and all out battle ensures but St Germain withdraws forcing the other alcehemists to do the same

But Special Disaster Response Team Section now at least now the plan about the Lunar Ruins and starting the world over

A nice little backstory how Miku decicded to support Hibiki .

Elfnein who is working hard to find a way to counter the Philosopher stone knocks over books Genjuro broyght her and discovers Hibiki's waste resifue from a conversion and can use it for the counter effect She tells everybody abd Chris bames it The "Fools Stone " after Hibiki

Only problem it was placed with other waste on the bottom of the Ocean The sediment is brought up but then the Alchemists attack

Eventually Kirika and Shirabe join forces ad are qyite the Duo defearing Prelati

Cagliostro withdtawns / but she should have gave up as Adans wants St Germain to sacrifice Cagliostro or Prelati to power the altar
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Posted 13 days ago
Senki Zessho Symphogear AXZ #4 EP 8"Between the Past and the Future"

It starts out a little clunky finding the Fools Stone / byt what follows is some great training / battles

Genjuro is OP

Stopping Chris's mislles is quite the feat let alone gatheing them / then throwing them back at her

Meanwhile Tiki is unlocking space and Adam wants Saint-Germain to sacrifice either Cagliostro / Prelati it's going to be Prelati since she is out of commision and Cagliostro is off to extract revenge on the Symphogear's

Chris( reluctantly ) and Tsubasa meet Stephan and Sonia who are heade back to Val Verde and Steogan new leg is helping him recover.

Chris finds out that Sonia took over her parents job of helping homeless kids

Chris is readt to forgive Sonia for what happened to her parents but Cagliostro
appears with lots of Alcas-Noise

Cagliostro has Chris down and is about to Kill her when Hibiki and the rest show-up but Cagliostro sehs them except Maria / Chris to a space

What a lively fight between Cagliostro vs Maria / Chris

Chris gets blasted inside the restaraunt where Stephan wheelchair is stuck and Cagliostro is going to kill all 3 but Stepgan stands up and kick debris at Cagliostro sending her back outside where she takes up the fight against Maria

Stephan tells his mom ( Sonia ) and Chris to forget about the past and all 3 agree

Chris goes outside to fight with Maria and Cagliostro uses the Philosopher's Stone but Chris / Maria activate the Fools Stone leaving their powers intact and able to use the ignite module

An all out battle ensues but Chris / Maria as Cagliostro is destroyed by the blast

Later The S Team see Stephan and Sonia off

Tiki senses Cagliostro is dead and Adam wants Saint-Germain to sacrifice either Prelati she refuses but Adam throws her to the ground
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Posted one day ago , edited one day ago
Senki Zessho Symphogear AXZ #4 EP 9 "Blue Rabbit"

Justgreat writing IMO with how to handle a reveal

I like this EP mostly about Shirabe and sometimes it's the little things like the name association at the end about her name / the shrine / and the priests deceased ?? grandaughter A lot of viewers caught that !

BTW I thought to myself OK a quiet EP which in a way it was until the end and then the after ending exposed the true meaning of the EP in like 30 secs and I was stunned how a reveal placed at the very end makes you go back and watch Just Brilliant

Shirabe is having trouble fighting with the other Gears unlike Kirike and tries but stiil cant sync Tsubasa reflects Shriabe is like her at first / after the endong reveal it makes sense these two should be together as not only Tsubasa is part of a Sgrine family but Shirabe is at least through hrt grandfther related to a Shrine But also how ay first when Kanade died she couldn't weel with others .

The Racing Duet of Wind and Moon ( actually an ideal combo with Tsubasa' Bike and Shirabe Weapon of the blades / Tsubasa

A visit to a shrine to check on Ley lines helps her when a priest gives advice that later Shirabe

Prelati heals from her wounds and confronts Adam . Tiki but adam is too strong and escapes prompting the Gears into action but Shirabe goes ahead but Tsubasa shows up quickly and convinces Shriabe to join with her and a new battllegear is born

The Racing Duet of Wind and Moon ( actualy an ideal combo with Tsubasa' Bike and Shiabe's Disc Blades

They win St Germain can feel she's gone and Adam wants her to do the ritual.

The kind priest sees the gears off and gives Shirabe a Rabbit Charm from the Shrine since Rabbits are the protectors

She also has a charm in the Flashback

When the Gears leave Kirike says how comes it's called the Tsuki shrine when it reads " Shira " In the flashback Shirabe was given the name Shirabe Tsukuyomi from what they found on her belongings ( backpack) a coincidence since the priest's grandaughter died in an accident with her parents / so the Nickname and proper name are Tsuki and Shira ! Some ?? there

Wiki does says she was in an accident

The Duet of Shriabe / Tsubasa

Senki Zessho Symphogear AXZ #4 EP 10"An Tiki Tira"

This would be probally be at the Top 5 or close to it in N.A. IMO because the timing / writing is all coming together . This Cour may not seem as wow as others but am stiil getting that OMG and awe impact

Another reason thia anime still stays strong except FOR S1 the Co- Director was Tatsufumi Itō

The Staff / Script / Music Studio others all Stayed the same / in fact worked on other animes together

Director: Katsumi Ono
Music: Elements Garden
Original creator: Akifumi Kaneko
Character Design: Satoru Fujimoto
Chief Animation Director: Satoru Fujimoto

Action Director:

Fumiaki Kouta
Toshiharu Sugie
Yukiyoshi Shikiji

I should have known better it was all happy about Hibiki's B=Day wrong St Germain is upening the Divine Gare as Tiki looks on becuse she is the Tuner

But Genjuro / Yatsuhiro stopped the Leylines by activating Keystones Stooping Tiki from connecting

The S Gears arrive Hibiki / Kirika have a huge battle with St Germain but eventually working together defeat her But Hibiki as the kind hearted person she is asks St Germain to join them which loks a deal but Adam shows up

He creates new Ley lines in the Sky by using the power of the stars ( so he diidnt need to set up sacrifices of the alchemists after all Why IDK but its revelaed Adam duped everybody not to vleanse the earth but for his own purpose

He has Tiki fire an energy blass to kill the trio but Kirika sang her sing and stopped but is badly wounded for using too much Linker

Genjuro sends a MED Team for Kirika . Hibiki / St. Germain stiil issyes to work out but Adam needs to be stopped... END

I want to give Kirika's VA / Ai Kayano a nod for all the great resume she has

JUST A couple

Freezing (Violet El Bridget)
Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (Mashiro Shiina)
Servant × Service (Lucy Yamagami)
No Game, No Life (Shiro)
Akatsuki no Yona (Yun-Ho)
Castle Town Dandelion (Aoi Sakurada)
Kyōkai no Rinne (Suzu Minami) / One of my FAVS
New Game! (Rin Tōyama)
ReLIFE (Chizuru Hishiro)
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (Kokomi Teruhashi)
Tales of Zestiria the X (Alisha Diphda)

Senki Zessho Symphogear AXZ #4 EP 11"Pinnacle of Divine Might"

What an OP EP at the start with the looselu allied Hibiki / St. Germain fighting Adam but can release his full power becayse he used it to create the new Ley Lines Also St Germain tells Hibiki to take out Tiki before she asborbs all the Divine Gate Power

As the battle goes on Adams Arm is almost cut-off and is nothing more a robot made by the Germans

Tiki is upset and instead becomes the divine power and is ready to attack

The city is in ruins

Hibiki attacks doing damage but when Tiki fires it destrots an US Military satelite The Japanese Govt is now worried the US / UN wiil send a force.

Adam is going to Kill Hibiki since she is KO at the moment But an unkown Broadcast gives the Team / Hiniki a chance as the Val Verde documents were decoded and gives a weapon based on Gungir called Decicde

Tiki tries to go to Adam but Hibiki destroys her but the Divine Power is loose and Adam tries to use his arm to gather it up but goes to Hibiki wwho is encased in A " Mothra" type of Cocoon that jusy looks ominous

A great cliffhangar ! When it comes down Hibiki is still one of the most important pieces.

Nooooooo......... Hibiki !!

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Posted one day ago

I totally was not expect that twist! Are we going to see the return of Berserker Hibiki? eep.
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Posted one day ago

I totally was not expect that twist! Are we going to see the return of Berserker Hibiki? eep.

I'm hoping for combat-ready Miku!
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Posted one day ago

outyanna wrote:

I totally was not expect that twist! Are we going to see the return of Berserker Hibiki? eep.

I'm hoping for combat-ready Miku!

That would make alot of sense acutally how do you combat a god killing weapon?
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