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Post Reply Activist believes planet of the apes is racist.
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Posted 7/17/17

Magical-Soul wrote:

Ashliet wrote:

harbl_the_mage wrote:

I miss the old days before easily offended millenials had 24 hours access to the internet.

I missed the days when people didn't blame everything on millenials just because they are millenials.

To be fair, most of these people are millennials. It's probably not because they are millennials but they usually are millennials, whether or not that has anything to do with it.

Either way, millennials are gonna be the punching bag for years to come.

Whatever, it's just so fucking whats the word cliche?
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Posted 7/17/17 , edited 7/17/17
i have a hard time understanding this....

apes = blacks.
apes beat the shit out of white army.
planet of the apes is racist becase the apes rule the world.

edit: it sounds more black supremeist than anything if were going with apes = blacks.
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