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Post Reply we should talk about the older sentai more
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Posted 8/17/08
hey i liked chouju sentai liveman even though it was not subbed or translated. it is the reason i got hooked to super sentai. don't bash the older sentais because without them, these modern sentais wouldn't be relavant. maskman had an intersting theme and storyline as well as liveman, bioman, and jetman. i've even compared some seies to their american counterparts. for example, timeranger/prtf were both equally good; gaoranger/prwf were the same to me; hurricanger was a little more serious than prns; prdt was better than abaranger (in storyline, mainly cause tommy came back); dekaranger edged out prspd because there was more passion in it than the american counterpart. magiranger by far was better than prmf. gekiranger to me was one of the best sentais i have ever seen from start to finish; but i can't compare it with jungle fury cause the series hasn't wrapped as yet. in conclusion all i'm saying is you don't have to love the original sentais; just respect them because before go-onger, there was goranger.

think about it.
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Posted 8/19/08
yeah i agree with u regarding prns-hurricanger & prdt-abaranger. but even is it's not tommy, i'll still say it's better coz of the plot and a bit more realistic than abaranger.
but i think prspd & dekaranger r equally the same while prmf sucks badly compare to magiranger. but i like prjf than gekiranger
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