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Posted 7/13/17 , edited 7/14/17
Several months ago the power consumption on for a standard 24 minute Anime episode was around 3-4%; recently this has increased to about 5-6%, a huge increase in the overall battery drain (roughly the same as playing an intensive 3D video game on the phone).

I've tested offline video content within the last week and managed to get around 13 hours of video playback (50% brightness), which works out at roughly around 8%/hour, so I'm certain that my battery is in pretty good health and not much has changed with my phone over those few months.

I've used CoolTool Pro to analyse the CPU usage (probably not the best tool with the S7 having 2 different Quad-Core CPU's with different clock rates) and have noticed that it stays fairly low during video playback, but the wireless networking thouroughput is very high. Since the phone doesn't get hot during playback (unlike with a 3D game), I think that the energy consumption is due to the wireless radio being very busy, so I wonder if the higher drain is due to much higher bit rates on the video streams, though I can't be certain.

I'm keen on having high quality streams, so it's fantastic the bit rates have increased recently; but I did notice that the low quality video option is broken on the android app. For that same reason, I've noticed that when I was a non-premium user, apart from the advertisements, and the 1 week delay, you still get full 1080p streams on android (playback through the website is lower quality as it should be though).

Is there any chance this low-quality option will be fixed anytime in the near future?

It should still be possible to get a good enough 1080p stream at a fraction of the networking bandwith it is currently using (hopefully boosting battery life back to where it was previously), and if I really want the high quality I can switch to my PC.
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